It's Time to Cry Over Spilled Milk: the Texas Raw Milk Bill is Now Dead

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Sad cows. Via Flickr
There's a bit of bad news for raw milk drinkers. You'll have to continue the trips out to the farm for your creamy elixir fix.

Currently Texas law stipulates that raw milk can only be purchased on the farms where it is produced. A bill introduced this legislative session, HB 46, would have changed that and allowed farmers to sell milk in a few other places, like farmers markets. In a great sign of hope, last month the bill passed out of House Public Health Committee and since has been waiting for a specific date to dance on the House floor for a vote.

But, it had one more obstacle to overcome: It had to actually get on the calendar via the Calendars Committee. This virtual bill holding cell is just like any other committee, but the members have a questionably heavy handed authority on deciding what goes on the calendar and what doesn't. If they don't want to give a bill a date, they don't. And that bill dies.

Representative Sarah Davis of Harris County, who is on the Calendars Committee, voted against the bill when it was in the health committee. Drawing any connections there?

I spoke with her today and she explained that not any one person can decide to keep a bill in committee. It takes at least four. But, she also has some overriding concerns about the dangers of raw milk, particularly how it's transported and stored. Based on information "from the medical community it can be very dangerous," she said.

Scott Reitz wrote about those fuddy duddies earlier.

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Don't flatter yourself. Raw milk is a bona fide public health risk, and all nonsense from Weston A Price Foundation isn't going to change the facts and laws of nature.

everlastingphelps topcommenter

The most likely "overriding concern" comes from Borden, Lucerne, and all the other major, industrialized dairies.


@G.Rutters And just what are the laws of nature? Do you know anything about bacteria and how your very survival depends upon the presence of bacteria? Our nation's war on all bacteria is costing us dearly. Our ignorant blasting of organisms with antibiotics is only creating superbugs which will cause SERIOUS trouble for future generations. I hope you can see that there is much more to this issue than what consensus science and the medical establishment throws in our faces every day. The war against raw milk is not about food safety. It never has been. It has always been about politics and money. Raw milk benefits local farmers and local communities in ways big ag/big dairy never will. It puts quality and health back into communities, which is exactly what FDA doesn't want happening, because then people aren't dependent upon the system. They thrive on their own! Think for yourself sometime. Go ahead and even ignore Weston Price stuff. Just think and observe. 


@G.Rutters It does contain pathogens, no doubt. It's a wonder humanity survived after the introduction of dairy into the diet...

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