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It's almost here. This Wednesday our Iron Fork competition and food celebration will descend on the Design District. If you attended our Artopia event you'll remember the Dallas Contemporary as a top-notch venue with plenty of space for exploration. We're excited to fill the same venue with more than 30 restaurants and an epic chef battle between FT33 chef Matt McCallister and reigning champion Scott Romano.

If you're planning on coming, here are some tips for getting the most out of the event.

Buy your tickets early
Seriously, you haven't picked them up yet? They're available online right now for $40, with a $75 VIP option, but you'll pay more if you try to purchase your tickets at the door. You have till 5 p.m. Wednesday to purchase them online at the lesser rate.

Get to the event early
You know how it's cool to be fashionably late to your friend's cocktail event or your boss' dinner party? Don't do that here. Lines for parking at the Artopia event were manageable but long as the event spooled up, so get there a little early and save yourself a vehicular headache. You'll also be at the front of the line when the doors open and the smells of curry and Cuban sandwiches pour out into the streets.

You know what they say about drinking on an empty stomach. With more than 30 restaurants serving delicious small bites you have no excuse for such behavior at Iron Fork. Empire Baking Co., International Bakery, The Island Spot, Mesa, Mozzarella Co., Mughlai Fine Indian, Scardello Artisan Cheese, Taj Chaat House and many more will be available and they're all bringing a boatload of food.

That's it, really. It doesn't take much to get the most out of Iron Fork. Just think early, and if you're really planning on sampling food from more than 30 restaurants in a few hours you may want to think about a light lunch.

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Did someone say "Matt McCallister"?  My MM alarm went off while I was emptying the contents of my weekend into the Kohler 5000.......a model noted for it's sardonic wit, and blatant use of modern slang. Anyhoo, I also have alarms when the DO mentions, toilet jack, food trucks, english bbq stories and foodbitch/fooddick entries. Pretty neat huh?  

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