Food Film Series Wraps Up with a Documentary Challenging the Power of Organics

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The documentary Cafeteria Man lays out the uphill battle faced by Tony Geraci as he took on Baltimore school system bureaucrats to overhaul the school lunch program. Geraci's plan was a simple one, focused on the same local ingredients that many chefs have embraced over the years to build a centralized, local food distribution system. "Maryland has more chickens than people," Geraci said when trying to explain the core of his proposed program. "Why the heck are we buying chickens from Arkansas?"

You missed a chance to hear the answer to that question if you didn't make Tuesday's screening and post-movie panel discussion about similar efforts at Dallas-area schools. The screening was held at the Angelika Film Center, co-hosted by Edible DFW and Chipotle and donations collected there went straight to Hunger Busters, a program that supplies after-school meals to children in need.

But don't fret -- you still have a chance to munch popcorn (not sure if it's locally harvested), talk about food issues and do good as the same group will show In Organic We Trust on Tuesday, May 28, the last in a four-film series of food-related docs. In Organic ... challenges the notions that organic food is synonymous with healthy and is a be-all solution to our food woes.

Edible DFW is still working out the members of the discussion panel and which charity will benefit at the final screening, but you can monitor the event on their Facebook page.

Chipotle Food Film Series, Angelika Film Center, May 28, 7 p.m.

In Organic We Trust - Trailer 2013 from Pasture Pictures on Vimeo.

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Angelika Film Center Dallas

5321 E. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX

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primi_timpano topcommenter

About time. Yes, all things being equal I would choose organic produce over traditionally grown food, but all things are rarely equal. Often the organic selections just do not look very good, not cosmetically, but in terms of freshness. In these instances I will always choose the best looking product. And sometimes organic is just too expensive relative to regular food.

For meat, I care much more how the animals are treated and will always pay a premium for meat that has been raised and processed humanely as possible.

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