House 34 Coming to Uptown by the End of May ... Maybe

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If you've dined on the front porch at Belly and Trumpet recently, you've likely noticed some construction in progress on the lot just to the south. Nothing complements perfectly seared branzino and a white Burgundy like whirring saws and the staccato rapport of a pneumatic framing nailer.

The patio of the failed Patio Grill space is getting a facelift, and the inside of the restaurant is undergoing significant renovation too. Based on the tile work outside, I'd wager the facelift is going to be a significant one -- someone's putting some money into this little house on McKinney Avenue.

That someone is Sbeity Investment Inc., which is newly based in Dallas and has yet to open a restaurant here. General manager Michelle Avila says the space will serve small plates of creative American food late into the evening. They're planning on operating from 6 a.m.-3 a.m.

Yesterday, Avila gave me an opening date of May 25, but when I followed up again today she admitted construction issues could push that date out a touch. The restaurant has yet to secure a certificate of occupancy, and since this is the owner's first restaurant in Dallas they're likely in for a few setbacks.

Still, they've hired a chef. Andres Bautista, who previously worked at The Old Warsaw as a sous chef, will be manning the kitchen. We'll let you know when he fires up the ovens.

House 34, 3403 McKinney Avenue

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not often I offer anything of significance so here goes. uptown. need pizza  I fratelli and brothers do not answer the phone. on a Tuesday???? so called sal's.


sal's delivered and earned a new customer.

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