Paleo-Focused HG Sply Co To Open Tuesday, May 21 on Lower Greenville

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Joy Zhang
Braised lamb shank with fig mostarda
In the latest Encino-man-meets-fine-dining-restaurant, HG Sply Co brings the paleo diet to Lower Greenville Avenue. If you're not familiar, paleo practitioners embrace a back to basics style of eating they say promises a litany of health benefits. This isn't just farm to table back to basics though, we're talking way back to spear a woolly mammoth before you club your next girlfriend caveman days.

The diet is based on the hunter gatherer principles and strictly forbids grains, legumes, dairy products, potatoes and pretty much anything else that humans have altered with agriculture. (That means beer and liquor, too.) Thankfully, HG owner Elias Pope isn't a total stickler. He lets just enough modern convenience onto the menu to let his diners have a little fun.

Joy Zhang
Yes, there's booze. The beverage program will embrace recipes with no added sugars and mixers will be made fresh daily. Beer will also be available, with local craft suds from Peticolas Brewing Co., Lakewood Brewing Co. and Revolver Brewing leading the charge. There's bread too, though it's a whole grain variety.

Everything else is strictly meat, seafood and vegetables, which should please low-carb dieters as much as cave dwellers. The restaurant will open for dinner service first, adding lunch the first week of June.

HG Sply Co, 2008 Greenville Ave., 469-334-0895,

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HG Sply Co.

2008 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX

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Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Their idea of a paleo menu is like a vegetarian restraunt serving steaks.

Finny Philip
Finny Philip

I'm going to open up a paleo concept that is essentially a garden with animals running around in it. Men and women will have clearly defined roles and there will be a strict loincloth-only dress code. The valets will be paid in Sumerian cuneiform coins and any health inspectors will be speared on sight.


Welcome to the neighborhood.  Cheers!


Definitely checking this place out.


I would say this sounds dumb, but that lamb shank looks delicious.

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