East Hampton Sandwich Co. Is Opening Second Location in Plano

The East Hampton Sandwich Co. is sailing its upscale nautical-themed sandwich shop northward to the Shops at Legacy in Plano. The first spot, in University Park's Snider Plaza, opened last fall. Founder Hunter Pond wanted to bring the sandwiches he found while vacationing in northeast to the Dallas area.

Pond, who quit law school to get in the restaurant business, worked the rounds with the Spillers Group (Eno's, Union Bear) to get a hang of things, but always had his eye on creating the perfect sandwich. And he's done quite well.

Late last year, Observer food critic Scott Reitz reviewed EHSC, where in addition to tasty sandwiches he also found some surprises, including stand-up doughnuts and the best house-made potato chips he'd ever tasted. Reitz also wrote that they served "the best sandwiches you can buy right now in Dallas."

The new spot will have a patio and larger bar area, and the menu will be the same as the original restaurant. The most expensive item is the lobster roll ($16); cheaper fare includes a duo of grilled cheese sandwiches, a cheeseburger or chicken sandwich for $9. But the prices are in line with the quality ingredients from house-made sauces to the lovely fresh Empire Baking Co. bread. All of the desserts, including those doughnut holes, are made from scratch daily.

Pond hopes to have the new spot open by late summer.

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attempted to have said lobster roll 2x.  both times EHSC was "sold out."  ok.  i get it.  profit margin is better on chicken, but life is too short for bait and switch bs.


Two things I never let anyone make for me:

-pasta dishes

-chicken parm


because mine is always better than anyone else's. no offense, but a blind and infirm monkey could make a decent sub. 


Anyone that knows Lobster Rolls knows that that is way too much!  I once got lambasted and ridiculed "Down East" for trying to put hot sauce on a Lobster Roll. And do we in Plano really need another sub shop?    How bout another Starbucks, or Walmart?!  Just don't forget who was first b+tches.....that's right, The Kergie clan-serving fresh subs on Parker Road in Plano, in 1982.  And who else in this room has been written up by the city for playing whiffeball in said sub shop?  Huh? 

BTW, I'm adding Chili's to my sh+tlist.......iff'n you wanna wait an hour for food while the place is empty, go to the Chili's at Spring Creek and Central.  The manager gave me a free chips and salsa coupon-how brave.  Food was decent though.......I was/am SO proud of that 3AM upperdecker; so  voluminous that I had to throw rocks in the terlit.  And that little bit of wisdom was imparted to me by a maid who worked for the red haired Hunt.  Who would have ever thought that throwing rocks in a toilet would work? 

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Big Kitty licked the photo of that delicious looking lobster roll.


@kergo1spaceship The ONLY time I'll ever eat at a Chili's is if I'm stuck in an airport and they're the only place open. What garbage! I gave up on their burgers loooooooong ago. If I have to, I'll have their chili with lots of onions and cheese and hot sauce.



I know I know.........it was one of my guilty pleasures, like Air Supply, James Taylor and potato chips. 



It's right on the Plano/Allen border, and last time I checked it was still open. Cheap beara; perfect man food. 


@kergo1spaceship It's ok I forgive you. Where the hell is your Top commenter badge?!?! Can the real Kergie please stand up?

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@kergo1spaceship @ScottsMerkin hadnt eaten there since I left Plano for arlington about 9 years ago.  Loved the fucking Bacon they used on the Bacon Cheeseburger and they had this fried desert concoction..oh shit clarence carter

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

I'd like to see Myrna's big kitty get lobster pinched.

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