Craft and Growler is a Beer Lover's Paradise

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Catherine Downes
The local beer scene needed a place like Craft and Growler. Until husband and wife owners Kevin Afghani and Catherine Kinslow opened up their beer filling station in Fair Park, the only place you could get many locally brewed beers was at a bar.

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Craft and Growler is a bar, but it's higher calling is making local beer accessible for those who would rather drink it at home. Sure, Rahr, Lakewood and Deep Ellum Brewing Co. now offer plenty of their beers for retail sale at grocery stores in and around Dallas. Whole Foods even has a small-scale growler filing service that offers a few more obscure brews and let you sample beers before you commit. Craft and Growler provides this service on a much larger scale however, and it's become a gathering place for beer lovers and brewers alike.

The back wall of the main room is outfitted with 30 guns that will fill your container with carbon dioxide, displacing air before your chosen brew is added. Behind that wall is a massive walk in freezer stacked with more kegs than I could count. Afghani told me there were more than 80 crammed into the space while one of his employees climbed over the jungle gym of metal to change out another tap.

Back out front, more kegs were rolling through the door. Lakewood stopped in to drop off three kegs and a few cases of bottles. In the same hour Deep Ellum Brewing Co. showed up with six more kegs. The volume and scale helps Afghani and his team offer an impressive selection of constantly rotating beers. And because he's often selling it 64 ounces at a time instead of by the pint, the kegs turn over faster and customers ultimately enjoy some really fresh beer.

My favorite way to enjoy the place? Sit at the bar and order a flight containing four candidates. At $10, for four generous pours, the flight is a fair deal. Sip your way through the flight until you find your favorite, and then take some home in a growler you can purchase along the side wall. Repeat as necessary.

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I just wish they had a second location or were located north of 635. I love this place but wish it was closer.

everlastingphelps topcommenter

It's also amusing to me how many people come in with growlers that aren't from the wall at C&G (like myself), telling me that this has been a market untapped for too long.  There were lots of folks sitting on empty growlers with no way to fill them.


@everlastingphelps I'm in that boat. I have a couple, but not anywhere I wanted to get them filled. I gotta check this place out.


@Nictacular @everlastingphelps Yea, I've got so many from random travel that I even started to give them away! All over the west coast and even the Midwest there's a large amount of Growler availability, whether from larger breweries, brewpubs, bars, even grocers/liquor stores.

I love this place, I love you all, I love good beer. Keep it up, support these fine folks who are sticking their neck out there for those of us who like to enjoy the finer things in life! Prost!

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