We Declare This Cheese Week! (That Means We're Going to Write a Bunch About Cheese. Stay Tuned.)

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Catherine Downes
You remember burger week, right? The five-day-long tribute to bliss on a bun featured more burger bloggage than we've ever seen here on City of Ate -- and that's saying a lot considering how burger obsessed we are on a regular week.

Life can't always be about burgers, though. So this week we're devoting a collection of coverage to cheese, the food produce that is so great it can be enjoyed all on it's own.

Cheese boards have been popping up at many restaurants around Dallas, and they feature a lot more than just Gouda and grapes. Acme F&B has one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, featuring rare and flavorful cheeses that pack a lot of punch. Mudsmith, and Ascension are just two coffee shops that have recently added a gourmet cheese board to their menu, and the trend is growing.

Snuffers Cheddar Fries .jpg
Built on a mountain of cheese

Beyond cheese for snacking, melted dairy may be one of the most versatile embellishments you can add to a dish. What would Snuffer's cheese fries be without fistfuls of melted cheese? (Answer: Fries. They would be fries.) Nachos would be nothing without a dousing of queso or a sprinkling shredded Monterrey Jack; and macaroni and cheese without the good stuff? It's just noodles.

Loosen your belts Aters. We have interviews with Paula Lambert from Mozzarella Co. talking mozz, as well as Latte Da Dairy and Eagle Mountain. The folks at Scardello will be helping us put together a cheese board for home, and we've got the sexiest cheese slide show you'll ever lay eyes on.

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Sotiredofitall topcommenter

Sing to me o' muse, sing to me of the glory of goat cheese   Homestead Farms


6 things I love to do with cheese:

-prosciutto wrapped asparagus, in a raspberry vinaigrette....sprinkle with parm, fajita spice and frsg, chopped basil

-warm brie on a smoked beef tenderloin sandwich, with homemade steak sauce (au jus, flour, lemon juice  pepper sauce, etc.)

-spinach and feta salad w/pears and black olives

roma tom's, basil, cucumber and mozzarella salad (cut in large large chunks) w/basic Italian dressing, like they do at Campisi's'........olive oil, white vinegar and sugar-voile!. 

-melted swiss or provolone on ANYTHING; chips, sandies, pasta, pizza, pepperoni bombs (pepperoni, salami, banana peppers and swiss), make it into fried cheese, cheese balls, etc. 

-parm.......need I say more?!  Ever try parmesan shooters? Mmmmmm!


One day I will weigh 600 pounds. 


Kergie's recommendation of the day:

-Go to Beavers Bend Resort Park, north of Broken Bow Oklahoma, and enjoy fishing for trout, hiking in the mountains and pine forests, riding horses, enjoying a nice train ride, good food (Grateful Head Pizza, the restaurant onsite), wine (Girls Gone Wine), Go Carts, Boat rentals..........one of my my favorite thing's to do is get a cabin, and get that chicken parm smell wafting from Dequeen to Mena; problem is, every critter that lives in the woods will soon be clawing at the screen door. Another good thing to do is too hop on a kayak when they let loose the reclamation dam.......I did it once, and cried the whole way down the Mountain Fork River. But the BEST thing to do while at Beaver's Bend is to read a nice bookie book on the patio of the Heritage Center; I once read Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail as people came and went, and took "pittues" with assorted Indian carvings and wooden bears.  It's great people watching, and it's awesome seeing the native folk (Arklahoman's ) prance about in all manner of jorts, and shirts with the sleeves ripped off.  One fine gentleman went swimming in the river with jeans and no shirt, replete with cigarette and a Lynard Skynard tattoo-how awesome? 


ps-I also had an epiphany while building a fire, after I put the kids to bed. It's like 2 AM, and I'm building this thing that illuminates the whole forest, and I realize that we are both significant and replaceable to an encompassing being greater than us.  

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

The most divine cheese on Earth is sottocenere al tartufo.  It's laced with black truffle and is covered in ash of several spices.  Truly exquisite.

primi_timpano topcommenter

Thx, Twinwillow. Just gave La Tur a try and it is great.


@kergo1spaceship @Twinwillow 

Bring your American Express card, Kergo. It ain't cheap! That hockey puck sized La Tur was a little over $18.00 when I bought one at Wholefoods about a month ago. They don't even keep it out front in the case. It's in the back and you have to ask for it.

It will even be a bit more $$ at Scardello.

primi_timpano topcommenter

$15 for a half pound cheese. It is worth it, but rich. I hope it keeps ok in the fridge. It also seems to achieve room temperature faster than most cheeses.

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