Look for the Return of the Twinkie in July

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It's a tale filled with corporate greed, union strikes and cream filling. But no matter how much it may appear that things have gone over an edge into a fiery pit below, there is one thing that we can rest of assured of: The American snack industry will always rise again.

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Last year Irving-based Hostess called it quits after years of messy, sometimes questionable, management. The dominoes began to fall last November when bakers in a plant in Kansas went on strike. Soon after, the last Twinkie rolled off the line.

The companies that rescued Twinkie, Apollo and Metropoulos, have kept the Hostess label name and plan to fire up the Twinkie assembly line soon; a plant in Kansas has already hired back some of the workers.

WSJ.com reports that this new company will not use unionized labor but does plan to hire back the same workers, who are the only ones with the special skills to make Twinkie magic happen. The new Hostess will open "four bakeries in the next eight to 10 weeks, aiming to get Twinkie-deprived classic snack cake starting in July."

Hopefully, that day will then forever be known as Twinkie Day.

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Of course they won't hire back the union workers.  They've got to save that money to pay out the exective bonuses after they run the company into the ground for the umpteenth time.


I never cared for Twinkies. I prefer Ding Dongs. I also prefer typing that second sentence as it is one that I would never say outloud. Regardless of context.


I was hoping the vaunted Twinkie was finally gone, that way it wouldn't make lonely kids fat and lethargic; you know, playing vidjja games all day and eatin' Twinks makes Jack a FAT boy. 


The most important thing is that people who lost their jobs will be able to get back to work again. 

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter


I prefer the chocolate / cream filling ratio of the Ho-Ho, myself, as opposed to the glob of cream in the middle of a Ding-Dong or cupcake.

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