This Friday in Deep Ellum: Battle of the Underground Chefs

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Chef Nicole's Secret Supper
Dallas chefs Nicole Van Camp and David Anthony Temple (DAT) are two free spirits who regularly host private dinners in the Deep Ellum area, chef DAT under the name Underground Dinner and chef Nicole as the Secret Supper Club. In both cases, their dinners are a hodgepodge of couples and small groups that break bread together at a communal table. And while some might start the night out as strangers, by the time dinner is over, everyone is friends. Because it's not just dinner -- these are more like "events." There's often a theme -- a purpose driven communal meal, if you will.

Well, to jazz things up a bit, the two chefs, who have previously worked together, have decided to have an underground battle of the chefs this Friday night, called "The Hipster versus The Hippie."

In Iron Chef style, each chef will get a main ingredient, create a dish with it, then diners get to choose which plate they like best. In all there will be 5-courses and 10 different plates of food.

In addition to the culinary mudslinging, guests will get a complimentary cocktail made with Waterloo Gin out of Austin. DJ Matt Stafford and Sonos will be there to set the background ambiance. Dinner is $75 and this event is BYOB.

To RSVP email, be sure to mention any food allergies. Dinner is in Deep Ellum at My Private Chef (2901 Elm St.) and gets started at 7 p.m.

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primi_timpano topcommenter

That table picture doesn't look like they are having much fun at dinner. And LDD, if you can believe Kergo's slow boning comment, and I do, he can slay this competition.


The LDD, why the DJ?  Isn't the clanging of pots and pans enough?  You know, I have a DJ/Sherpa when I go on my long hikes, that way I'm inspired by Brian Eno, circa 1988 "mood music"-AND it repels bears and bee's for up to 500 feet!

ps-Seriously, where is the article about the Love Field renovations? 

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