Suspended Coffee? How About Suspended Beer?

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According to Eater a suspended coffee trend is going viral on social media. The practice allows any customer at a Starbucks to buy a "suspended" coffee drink to leave at the counter. Those less fortunate can then come in and if there's a drink available it's theirs.

Whether or not this is a viable way to help those in need, the practice made me think about the "buy a friend a drink" board that's been doling out compassion at the Libertine Bar for some time now. This is a suspended practice City of Ate can really get behind.

Owner Simon McDonald told me the board has been in action for three years now. He got the idea from a regular patron of the Libertine who had seen a similar practice carried out at a bar in Chicago. McDonald wasn't sure of the bar.

I don't know who Tory and Jonathon are but they better get to the Libertine soon. The two draft beers Carly bought them will expire in six days. Drinks left on the board are void after 30 days, but apparently it's pretty rare that someone waits that long. The bartender told me almost all of the drinks are claimed in time.

Something tells me suspended coffees, with no record or accountability, go unclaimed much more often.

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The Libertine Bar

2101 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX

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We did this up here in Federal Way, WA. starting about 20 years ago


I wouldn't spend my own money on Starbucks, let alone buy someone else one.  Beer at the Libertine is a whole 'nother story.


I'm gonna go there once a month and leave a beer for Tom Landry.

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