Raw Milk Bill Hung Up By Fuddy Duddies at the Texas Medical Association

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Make you sick? Who, me?
Dig raw milk? Right now to indulge unpasteurized, unhomogenized milk from cows and goats that are raised on pasture-based farms (you know, the way we all used to do it) individuals have to drive out to the farm and purchase it directly. That may be a fun weekend drive if you've got a convertible and some really nice weather, but it's hardly sustainable if you're looking for a weekly raw milk fix.

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LDD recently pointed to a bill introduced to the Texas Legislature that would change all that. Texas HB 46 would legalize the sale of raw dairy products by licensed farmers directly to consumers off-the-farm, including at farmers markets and private drop points. It might even spur the return of the neighborhood milk man -- lonely housewives everywhere, rejoice!

But you know how bills go. Every one of 'em has a hater, and the Texas Medical Association isn't too keen on raw milk bottles entering our ice boxes. They cited a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that claims unpasteurized milk and products made with unpasteurized milk cause 150 times more outbreaks of illness than their pasteurized counterparts. Sounds scary.

In response, raw milk lovers lead by the The Weston A. Price Foundation cried foul. They say the report is flawed because it looks at outbreaks instead of individual illnesses. An outbreak of 2,000 illnesses caused by pasteurized milk was counted as one incident in the reports, and had the authors looked at the actual risk of illness, instead of the artificially defined "outbreaks," there would have been no significant results to report.

Fancy number crunching aside I kinda wish the whole argument would just get "homogenized" into a basic argument for consumer freedom. This is Amuhrica dammit! If I want some raw milk I should be able to buy some, shouldn't I? I can buy cigarettes, eat raw oysters and drink beer, (so much beer) so why can't I get a little love from that cute cow in the picture above? Not to mention this bill will put more dollars from individual consumers right into the hands of family farmers. Sounds like a good thing to me. Sheesh, at least do it for the housewives.

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We want direct to the consumer from the small farm or our neighbor... We need Our choice.


Not fair to Craft breweries who still can't sell directly to the consumer. ; )


I'm a nutritionist and I'll tell you exactly what I think: raw milk is a horrible idea. Because it contains dangerous pathogenic bacteria. In fact, before pasteurization, people drank raw milk (you know, the way we all used to do it) and it caused 50% of all food poisoning outbreaks. 

Raw milk has killed hundreds of thousands of people in this country alone. It has NO more nutritive value than pasteurized milk. Try telling the mothers of the dozens of children last year alone who developed hemolytic syndrome from drinking raw milk (and lost the use of their kidneys) that drinking raw milk is "freedom". What a stupid statement. Your "freedom" costs taxpayers millions of dollars in completely unnecessary medical bills and hundreds of thousands of dollars in outbreak investigations. Try doing some research before you post such ignorant rants.

primi_timpano topcommenter

There are 28 nutritionists in the TMA. What do they think?

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