Pearl Cup to Open at AT&T Performing Arts Center

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Via AT&T Performing Arts Center
If you've ever found yourself in the Dallas Arts District and in need of an immediate caffeine injection, we have good news for you. The AT&T Performing Arts Center has announced that Pearl Cup, the much-loved local coffee house, will be the official coffee vendor for the museum café in its new Information Center, located in Sammons park.

So if you like free foosball and tulip-shaped latte art, or even just pingpong and pastries, check out the café space in the Elaine D. and Charles A. Sammons Park. The cafe will be open from 7:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and until one hour after any performance.

"Pearl Cup has established itself as a local favorite for coffee lovers," Doug Curtis, president and acting CEO of the Center, said in a news release. "It has a great reputation for quality and service and a strong commitment to the community. We are excited to have a locally owned company providing coffee in this very unique space."

We're willing to overlook the redundancy of "very unique" in our excitement for coffee-jazzed foosball. Bring your A-game, y'all.

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Not open for Kylde Warren Parkings? Boo.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Why have a cup when u can have a necklace.


Well, hello Luke........welcome to this lil' slice of heaven!

"the much-loved local coffee house"??????? , I've never even heard of them; just because the beard and woolen hat crowd loves it, doesn't make it vaunted, "much loved"-sir.   Besides, I got my own problems; I ventured out for my yearly foray to CiCi's (now I have to get IHOP and Bennigan's out of the way) to satisfy the wife and kids. (BTW, the banned list ONLY includes Dickey's, Pancho's and Olive Garden now! Ahhh, therapy).  I ate at 7PM, and by 9PM I felt as if someone had placed a 10 pound bag of flour directly into my intestines. Nothing was EITHER direction. By 2AM, the bathroom smelled like hammered dogshite, and my regular 20 minute "bombing runs were taking a toll on my, eh, bum.  At one point at 4AM, I hollered at the misses to hurry up, and order me a new #sshole! 

Observation about CiCi's:

-It only cost "12 buck" for the 3 of!

-The thin sliced pizza was very tasty

-Is it impossible to eat CiCi's without a vat of ranch?  That crust is SO dry, and tastes like particle board. 

-Every overweight person in Plano must have been at this particular CiCi's. It smelled like a combo and farts and Durango, Mexico. 

-To the little tubby girl that out ate me 5 to 1.....eating doesn't make the pain go away, it makes you feel guilty when yer done honey. 

joe.tone moderator

@kergo1spaceship I added "much-loved," Kerg, because it is much-loved by me and I'm the editor so God damn it that's the way it is.

More recipes please.


@joe.tone @kergo1spaceship 

So just because people from the 'burbs don't know about it makes it not important? Those of us that slog our way through downtown every day know Pearl Cup well, and it IS much-loved and well known by the locals.



The locals....oh, brother!  Besides, you ain't slogging nothing, the people down on MLK are slogging; you sir are paying 8 bucks for colored water. My advice....get a coffee pot?  Downtown people are:



-people who have the unfortunate pleasure of HAVING to work downtown, and leave promptly in fear at 5:59 PM

-poor people

-bearded hipsters, who are 2 years removed from moving to Plano

ps-Sounds great! And oh so local, sir. 

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