Pearl Cup in Richardson Now Open

Pearl Cup
Pearl Cup Coffee in Richardson at II Creeks shopping center is now open (2701 Custer Parkway, Ste. 917). This is the third spot for one of Dallas' favorite locally owned coffee shops; other locations are the original at 1900 Henderson Ave. and 750 N. Paul Street downtown.

Tuesday was their first day of business in Richardson and they're technically in soft-opening mode with a full drink menu but limited food for the time. In addition to their secret-recipe signature Pearl latte (a good introduction, if you haven't met yet), Pearl Cup has garnered a loyal following for their smooth espressos, drip coffee and fresh pastries from local bakeries. As for their beans, manager Crystal Johnson said they're currently using Topeca Coffee out of Tulsa.

"The great thing about Topeca is that they actually own their own farms in El Salvador," Johnsons says, "which allows them to control the entire process of growing and roasting coffee, ensuring that we get the highest quality of coffee available."

Pearl Cup is a "Third Wave" coffee shop, which according to their site "simply means that we are a shop committed to custom drink flavor profiles that truly allow the taste of great espresso to shine through, to be the star of the latte! You will taste the wonderful, perfectly extracted espresso through the steamed milk of the latte."

This new spot has a covered patio and is pooch friendly. They don't have a sign out front yet, but look for the wooden covered patio next to Shady's.

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I work about two blocks from there.  Just went to give it a try.

Holy crap.  More, please.


That's an odd location


nice neighborhood, but not a lot of traffic that side of Richardson....hope they have success there.

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