Blogger Pays a Visit to Kraft and Kraft Don't Care

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Last month we told you about Lisa Leake and Vani Hari, two bloggers who are taking Kraft to task because of the artificial dyes the company uses in its macaroni and cheese. When we published that post the two were looking for 20,000 signatures on a petition. Earlier this week, they demonstrated much more support.

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Hari delivered more than 270,000 petition signatures to Kraft's headquarters in the Chicago area demanding the company stop using the dyes associated with hyperactivity in children, migraines and asthma. Kraft's official response? A resounding meh.

Hari says that after her hour-long meeting Kraft told her they can't predict the future of dyes in macaroni and cheese.

I wrote to Kraft to see what their official stance on the matter. Lynne Galia, a spokesperson for for the company, confirmed the meeting with Hari and said the company remains committed to offering choices.

Galia listed 14 products, including Mac & Cheese Organic White Cheddar, Organic Cheddar and Homestyle Creamy Parmesan Alfredo, that don't contain the dyes and also cited loyal customers who apparently crave artificial colors. "Many people love the great taste of Original Kraft Mac & Cheese just the way it is, so we'll continue to offer that choice as well," she said.

Looks like the best way to convince Kraft you don't love their products is to just quit buying them.

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everlastingphelps topcommenter

You mean... Corporations are driven by demand and produce what people want to buy?


ScottsMerkin topcommenter

"Looks like the best way to convince Kraft you don't love their products is to just quit buying them."

Wasnt that the gist of nearly every comment that was ripping the "mommy" bloggers in the other post.  Just buy some other shit.  Dont fuck with the flavor of my Mac N Cheese dammit.  


@ScottsMerkin Why should the lack of dye change the flavor, unless they use something else to make it that color anyway? This is perhaps like saying yellow #5 M&Ms taste better than brown ones.

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