Lone Star Park's Silk Restaurant Gets a Remodel for New Racing Season That Starts Thursday

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Lone Star Park

Live thoroughbred racing returns to Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie this Thursday when the ponies take their post positions at 6:35 p.m. for the first race of the year.

Since last season the racetrack has spent $11 million on improvements, including a remodel of Silks Dining Terraces on the fourth floor. The 280,000-square-foot glass enclosed grandstand, restaurant and bar has undergone some significant interior updates and menu changes as well. There are more than 300 new flat-screen televisions throughout the dining room (at just about every table) for better views of the races at Lone Star Park as well as simulcast racing. Throw in some new chairs and paint on the walls and BAM! it's like new.

"Bottom line, you won't recognize Silks," says Drew Shubeck, president and general manager of Lone Star Park.

They've also added some healthier options to the menu like a hummus "martini," some grilled fish plates, plus veggie and turkey burgers. They have expanded the salad buffet, which will only set you back $11. On Sunday there is a full brunch buffet for $29, for kids it's $8.50.

This Thursday an Elvis impersonator will provide entertainment between races. Then on Friday the Lone Star Music Series starts with the Randy Rogers Band after the last live race. Sunday, is Family Fun Day (just like old times) with pony rides, bounce houses and the like to entertain the little ones while mom and dad blow lunch money one race at a time. Sunday is also the return of Jazz Brunch in Silks.

The 50-date spring thoroughbred season runs for 13 weeks through Saturday, July 6, when even the horses refuse to run in the heat. Really, who can blame them?

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ok, look at that stock pic......ok, did you look?   what a diverse crowd; 70+ and white; sounds like blast-when does bingo start?

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@kergo1spaceship Silks in consistently filled with 70+ers, its the only place they can survive the heat is indoors.  Ill admit Silks needed a makeover, so Ill go up there an visit once.  otherwise you will find me on the patio of the simulcast building, 11 month old hand, drinking a beer and betting the college fund on as many tracks as I can before the inevitable meltdown of the kid and having to leave.



if you go to The Bar and Book tell New York Joe Kergie said hi!  I worked with him some years back....great dude.

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