How to Buy Mushrooms from the Spiceman

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Mushrooms ... The cooking kind.
I stopped into the see the Spiceman the other day to pick up a dime bag. No, not that kind -- I assure you Mr. Spicer is a law-abiding, upstanding citizen. He just packages mushrooms meant for recreational consumption in a vaguely illicit manner. If you're new to the Spiceman's wares the dime bag is great way to get to know some of his product. You better act quickly though, I hear those chefs at Lark in the Park drop in and buy up his entire stock some days.

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For 10 dollars I took home a paper bag filled with black trumpet mushrooms, fruity chanterelles and oyster mushrooms that reminded me of the ears on some woodland creature. I took home a bag of tender baby greens for another three bucks. It was all on the up-and-up I promise.

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Back in my kitchen I could think of only one thing to do with my bounty. First I sautéed the mushrooms in olive oil with salt and pepper until they browned up a touch. They filled the room with a subtle but earthy aroma. From there I could have stirred them into risotto or even eaten them alone (I'll admit to pilfering one or two from the simmering pan) but instead I decided to follow Chad Houser's lead.

Two weeks ago the chef responsible for Café Momentum toasted hand-torn pieces of baguette in the earthy oil before tossing everything into a fresh salad dressed only in a simple vinaigrette. The result is a toothy salad that eats like a meal without any meat. The technique will likely remain in my repertoire well into spring.

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Since when did Spicer become law abiding?


thanks for the tip. I enjoy getting a medley of mushrooms and simply sauteing them with some garlic, shallot and then cherry tomatoes and sage at the end. Then toss with linguine, lots of cracked pepper, fresh olive oil and Parmesan. Yum. The Dimebag will be used next!


Nothing like a good mushroom sauteed in balsamic vinegar, fresh Parmesan, olive oil and's transcendent.  And maybe if you throw it on Naan, with some Texas Pete-DIVINE. 

PS-Dear Scotty,

       I enjoyed the trippin' balls reference sir; brings back old memories of cowing tipping and "shroom picking" at 3 AM, in fields-north of North Texas State. 


Take the day off ya'll, and go hiking in the Ozarks.....tell the Kerg's gave you permission!  

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