Glazed Donut Works Brings Fancy Doughnuts to Deep Ellum

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Do you follow @blackswansaloon on Twitter or Instagram?Gabe Sanchez, the drink maker behind Deep Ellum's most popular bar, Black Swan Saloon, may be one of the best ways to stay on top of the neighborhood's restaurant news. When Tanoshi Ramen put their permit application up in their window, Sanchez was right on top of it. And now a cryptic post points to a new doughnut shop set to open just down Elm Street from his bar.

Glazed Donut Works is taking over the Man Bites Dog space that used to hold a production studio. Darren Cameron is converting his old studio into a gourmet doughnut shop and cites Voodoo Donuts in Portland as his inspiration, according to a post on Eater.

Great, I thought. Another store filled fried dough topped with processed food. You know the ones that look like Toucan Sam came in and threw up all over the display case? And while over-the-top confection looks to be part of the schtick, there does appear to be some craftsmanship behind the madness. The marshmallows on a s'mores doughnut for instance, will be made in house, and all of the doughnuts are going to be scratch made.

Here's hoping there are a few simple, more delicately decorated doughnuts on the menu, preferably with excellent coffee. The best doughnut I've ever had in Dallas was served at Spoon, just before John Tesar got a new pastry chef. That doughnut was a perfect balance of light but substantial, not at all greasy, and dressed simply in a restrained application of cinnamon and sugar. Perhaps that short-lived doughnut will rise again in Deep Ellum's newest doughnut shop.

Glazed Donut Works, 2644 Elm St. 214-599-0590

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Has anybody been to hypnotic lately??? They don't just throw shit on top of donuts, it's becoming much more refined. New flavor combos, etc. Give it another go!


I'm dyin for a good old fashioned jelly filled donut and a sugar frosted egg cruller.

steve3444 1 Like

Is he referring to Hypnotic? I know of a couple stores in Dallas that throw froot loops on their food so maybe that is what he is referring to. Hypnotic makes a lot of simple donuts by hand that are great- like an orange cake and a blueberry cake. Their glazed donuts and fritters are some of the best out there. So who knows.

ChrisDangerShow 1 Like

"Great, I thought. Another store filled fried dough topped with processed food. You know the ones that look like Toucan Sam came in and threw up all over the display case? "

Really guys, you had to take a pop at Hypnotic Donuts? First that hack Leslie Brenner and now you guys? Scott, I thought you were above that..

Ambelleina Warwillow
Ambelleina Warwillow

One really delicious, not overly glazed, not overly fried/greasy, light and airy plain glazed doughnut. That's all I want.

Brandi Roa
Brandi Roa

love fancy doughnuts. don't mind paying for them. can't handle all the fake ingredients and toppings. we shouldn't pay more for stuff that wasn't food in the first place. fingers crossed that this place will be GREAT!

Chris Danger
Chris Danger 2 Like

Wow, two back-handed smart mouth comments about another local donut shop in a row, I thought you guys were more respectful than that hack Brenner over at the DMN...

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