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meat close up slow bone.jpg
Meats and a hush puppy = happiness.

Jack Perkins' new BBQstaurant, Slow Bone, will ("hopefully") be open this Tuesday. I pretended not to know how time works and I went for lunch today. It worked for me once. Pretty sure it won't work again. But, we can all enjoy the results. Behold: the meats and other food-and-beverage-type things of Slow Bone.

slow bone feast.jpg
A little of everything.

I tried a little bit of everything Slow Bone had to offer. That meant two trays of food for one person. A kind fellow at the restaurant only saw my second tray, with sauce, tomato cucumber salad and pea salad. He was immediately concerned.

Concerned Dude: "You're gonna come to a barbecue place and just get salad?"

Me: "Oh no, sweetheart. That's my second tray."

Nice Lady at the Counter: "Will you need two knife-and-fork set-ups?"

Me: "Nope. Just one. Thanks."

Concerned Dude: (No longer concerned. Slow claps me.)

The trays, from top to bottom, left to right: tomato cucumber salad, pea salad, sauce, brisket, hush puppy from heaven, sausage, cilantro sausage, chicken, ribs, greens, cornbread, jalapeño macaroni and cheese, cauliflower Brussels sprouts amazebomb, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes thing.

slow bone soda tap.jpg
RC Cherry Cola FTW.

I took a moment to ask The Mr. Jack Perkins some hard-hitting questions about his new restaurant. He took a moment to answer them:

Me: Where did the name "Slow Bone" come from? Is that a family name?
The Mr. Jack Perkins: Yes. It was the name of my adopted cousin.

slow bone brisket slice.jpg

Me: Is your smoker a boy or a girl? What's his/her name?
The Mr. Jack Perkins: It's a girl. We wanted a girl smoking our sausage. Her name's Miss Jessie.

slow bone meat board menu.jpg
Menu will be spell-checked by Tuesday.

Me: When will Slow Bone officially open to The People?
The Mr. Jack Perkins: Tuesday. Hopefully Tuesday. Our regular restaurant hours will be 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. We'll never run out of food. Everything's made fresh daily. Near the end of the night, we might run specials if we have whole briskets left. I'll send out a message and people can pick those up at the to-go window.

slow bone bbq seating.jpg

Me: Will the to-go window have a pound-limit for orders?
The Mr. Jack Perkins: It shouldn't.

slow bone meat fight trophies.jpg
Jack Perkins was the winner of the brisket competition at Meat Fight 2012.

Me: I see beer taps. Will there be other boozes?
The Mr. Jack Perkins: Just beer. Nothing fancy -- no IPAs.

Me: What's in those cauliflower Brussels sprouts? There's gotta be some secret ingredient.
The Mr. Jack Perkins: Angel queefs.

Me: Yeah, thought so. Those must be difficult to source.
The Mr. Jack Perkins: Yeah. They're seasonal.

slow bone bbq.jpg
It's at 2234 Irving Blvd., just down the street from Off Site Kitchen. Can't miss it.

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My pregnant wife has just acquired her next target


Ah, at the old BW's BBQ. That was 20 years ago.

My ex referred to me as Slow Bone. Never knew why though?


Do they offer fresh fries, not frozen?  Will be difficult to beat the incredible fresh fries at Off-Site.


It's across the street from Off-Site Kitchen..........finding parking will be tough.


That would be Just UP the street from OSK, unless that river has some reverse flow going on!

or maybe just across the street from OSK 

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

how was the sauce?  runny, thick, vinegary?  



     Does he have adequate toilet space this go round?  Stuff looks good!  You folks into the "slow food" movement should be into this, cause when I'm eating stuff such as this I slooooow down, splay the arms out, no talking in the group, and just enjoy......bliss; I don't care who's watching while I'm eating ribs, licking my fingers, sweating and wiping remnants on my shorts.  In the zone. Sure nobody wants to hear slurp and glurp, but this is BBQ, and I don't give a fugghhh!  Can't wait to try this; hope Jack let's me in. 

We have a neighbor that let's us vacation with their family at Schlitterbahn every year; they pay for everything!  All I have to do is cook them one meal a week-fucking bargain!

Tonight's fiesta:

-oak smoked turkey breast w/horseradish creme' and BBQ sauces

-orange chicken breasts w/rice pilaf

-tomato, mozzarella and cucumber salad w/strawberry vinaigrette

-sauteed penne pasta in a clam sauce, with baby clams, veggies and fresh basil

-teryiaki penne pasta w/veggies and Tuscan green beans

-2 egg white omelets with fresh veggies and chipotle sauce

-1 loaded omelet with bacon, ham, parmesan, cheddar, veggies and jalapeno's

OLE........bitches!  Have a great weekend; heading to Caddo, then the coast. 


besides obvious comedy reasons, why is it called 'slow bone' when jack's BBQ strategy is cooking faster than other low and slow q'ers?


How many terlits? Seriously, I'm looking forward to tryin yer BBQ.



my old friend took over that spot after the DW crew retired......the great Normie V; owner of so many great catering companies!  stay hard the "gizzler"!


@gmit   Just across the street from OSK.  They can throw rocks at each other the two restaurants are so close.


@kergo1spaceship Where did you learn to cook so many great meals and different foods?  My guess is you're about 30 and healthy so you must have had some good cooks in your family.

primi_timpano topcommenter

Kergo, That is a kickass dinner, even without the chicken Parma. . Especially intrigued with the penne w/ clam. If you are doing this 52 times a year you deserve a better deal.



older than wife considers me one of the kids; yesterday I jumped off the roof with a cape and a mask I made out of a Budlight my underwear.   My 3 year old thought it was great. Cookin' runs in the family.  We've had some restaurants, but for the most part we are business folk.   

ps-Thank you.



it's only about.....mmmmm, 37 dinners in a year; most of the food I have on hand, winds up costing me about 5 bucks a week-that's about 200 bucks, and they pay for everything in New Braunsfels; lodging, food, booze, requisite trip to Coopers Ole Time, trip down the Guad., and one night of dancing in Gruene. I win!  I am honored that such a well traveled  gentleman thinks my food is "kickass"-salute'. 

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