Eater Asked Hypnotic Donuts to Invent a Burger. And There's no Doughnut on It. WHY?!?!

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hypnotic burger3.jpg
Hypnotic Donuts made a burger. Forgot to add doughnuts. This saddens me.

So, Eater Dallas asked Hypnotic Donuts to invent a burger that they'd serve for Eater's Burger Week. Awesome. The photo above is a picture of the burger that Hypnotic invented. Here's a description of it, straight from Eater:

Hypnotic Donuts: The 'Minimum Wage' burger is a half-pound patty infused with fresh jalapeños and goat cheese on a housemade poppy seed-bacon bun; it's topped off with bacon, fried pickles, crumbled goat cheese, lettuce, tomato, and an avocado ranch spread. This fine specimen is available Monday through Thursday of this week.

OK, BUT WHERE IS THE DOUGHNUT, HYPNOTIC DONUTS?! Y U REINVENT WHEEL? Just get a burger patty, put a doughnut around it, and call it "Amuhricka." We would all rejoice. I am saddened by this missed opportunity.

Next time, please pretty please go Gourdough's Public House on it. Dallas needs a doughnut burger. Please make it so.

Gourdough's Pub Facebook
Next time, do it this way. Doughnut as bun. Whatever you want in the middle. Win life.

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Gourdough's "donut" is a deep fried Pillsbury biscuit. Hardly a donut.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

It's curious that the Fried Chicken & Donut craze that started almost two years ago in South Philly has reached every area of the country except DFW.  What's the delay, already? 

Alice Laussade
Alice Laussade

I also think the burger they came up with sounds delicious. Also, yes. I really want that.

Lori Lynn Jackson
Lori Lynn Jackson

You really want that? Or do you just think you want a doughnut burger? I think the burger they came up with sounds delicious!


You will see it soon my friend. Hypnotic has had a fried chicken and donut they started two years ago when selling out of the pizza shop. Rumour has it they might bring it back starting on 420.


@Myrna.Minkoff-Katz Minkoff, you minx.

I hope you're kidding about Philly. The donut deal was done in portland at least 6-8 years ago. The chicken has been a re-big deal in ATL for 10 years and even more in LA with Roscoe's. 10+ years ago it was full of the young and beautiful at 3am.

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