Bring Your Own Bottle and Enjoy: Cafe Urbano Serves Up Some Serious Bolognese

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It's nasty out. This doesn't feel like spring at all. But the one thing I've learned in the time I've spent in Texas is that warm (and sometimes stifling) weather is often just a day away.

Take advantage while you can and use this cold dreary day to indulge the warm hearty dishes that won't be as appealing when the warmer weather arrives. This Bolognese, served at Urbano Café during lunch and dinner, is a perfect example.

Most of the dishes I've ordered and recipes I've followed for Bolognese are more meat heavy. They rely on veal, carrots, celery and other aromatics more than tomatoes to create a hearty sauce that clings to pasta -- but can also be heavy.

At Urbano Café the pasta sauce is bright red with tomato puree. It may not be as traditional as the version I wrote about at Princi Italia, but it's just as good. And perfectly suited for this dreary spring day.

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Urbano Cafe

1410 N. Fitzhugh Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

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