Ascension's Iced Coffee Will Leave You With Some Chilly Jitters

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Ascension_iced coffee.jpg
Catherine Downes
A slow careful drip is the secret to iced coffee with entirely new flavor profiles.
If you've spent any time at the coffee counter at Ascension, you've likely noticed the large glass contraption that sits just behind the register. It looks a little like a science experiment, with an upper reservoir that holds chilled water, a middle section that holds coffee beans, a cascading spiral of glass and a bottom reservoir that holds the finished coffee.

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Most of the iced coffee you've likely consumed over the years is made by steeping and then filtering the grounds. It produces a strong, tasty brew that's a lot like the normal coffee you're used to drinking. The device at Ascension though, produces a whole new brew.

Ascension Iced Coffee 2.jpg
Catherine Downes
Because it works so slowly, the Japanese device that looks a bit like a contraption from a Dr. Seuss book creates a new flavor profile. It's deeper, more rich, and if you close your eyes and pretend, you can almost imagine the dark hints of sweet whiskey.

When the warm weather arrives (if it ever does) Dallas will have a whole new summer sipper to cool off with.

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