An Ode to Stacks of Amazing Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Via Pinterest

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: Pinterest will kill your soul. Pinterest is select-league baseball for 9-year olds. You think it's just a silly game, but you're wrong. This is life: It's real and it hurts. Don't you dare come to this game and pick dandelions in the outfield (unless your high-dollar camera has a zoom lens to really make it pop and diffuse the edges).Yes, I'm writing about a hobby-based photo-sharing website. But, there are no hobbyists here, these are professionals of ... something. Pinterest, I suppose.

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This is exactly why I stay off of Pinterest (most of the time). I don't have an A-game in this genre. It scares me. I shiver at my horrible camera skills and my deplorable lack of stack-manship (like penmanship, but with stacking), among many other things.

For cheese week, we're discovering a lot of things around town about cheese, but when we wanted amazing photos of stacks of grilled cheese sandwiches, we knew there was just one place to go. Pinterest. And, we were right. As part of our cheese week celebration, revel in the stacks (and only stacks) of grilled cheese.

Grilled cheese served with marinara.


Grilled cheese with spinach and artichokes.


The Cobb grilled cheese.


The grilled cheese with wine.


The blueberry and Brie grilled cheese.


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Food photography is full of tricks and deceit;  you wouldn't dare eat most of the food shown in commercial would taste like shit and would likely kill you...but hey, it looks damn yummy.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

Pinterest, the place where stay at home moms go to die.  Sadly, I have to admit, I let my wife start a pinterest page, she was looking for ideas for our sons first birthday and she had heard Pinterest was a one stop shop.  I dropped my head, walked in shame to the computer and away we went.  I think I lost 90% of my life force

primi_timpano topcommenter

Those sandwiches look so good I'm ready to fire my cardiologist and buy a George Foreman grill.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@RcfromOC Hell yeah I *let* her, I wasnt going to have her positn pinterest shit to my and various other friends timelines annoying the shit out of us.  Also I wasnt going to let her go mindless surfing pinterest and ignoring the world going on around her bc she stuck on that website like various other females in my friend group

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