Your Ten-Point, Two-Day Plan For a Proper St. Patrick's Day in Dallas

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The Dubliner

This year the luck of the Irish is upon us in glorious fashion. The real St. Patrick's Day is on Sunday, but we prefer to do things like parades and concerts on Saturdays, so we get two days of celebration! Here's your 10-point, two-day plan:

Saturday morning
Well, of course, you'll want to start the day off proper with a jog Dash along Greenville Avenue, which benefits the North Texas Food Bank.

Saturday Mid-Morning
After the dash, head over to Sigel's in Addison and make your way to the small deli in the back of the store for all the goods for a proper Irish breakfast, most importantly fresh baked Irish soda bread. Actually, get a few loaves -- they freeze well. Baker and cheesemonger Theresa Magee is our favorite Irish lass in this fine city. Remember, soda bread. Lots of it.

Saturday Mid-Day
The Saint Patrick's Day Parade starts at 11 a.m. Put on green things and head out. It's that easy. Ride DART or get a cab, if possible.

Use your elbows to make it over to Parkit Market, the long-time purveyor of green keg beer is celebrating 51 years of Greenville shenanigans and will have a DJ starting at 10 a.m. along with home-style sandwiches and green drinks. For this year's special guest, Mama Tadora (who is also celebrating her 91st birthday) has created a Snoop Dogg Dog with a quarter-pound Nathan's Frank on a bun, topped with chili, cheese, onions and green mustard (the last topping makes it genuinely Irish).

At this point, it's time for the Snoop Dogg concert immediately following the parade at Energy Square at the Corner of Greenville Avenue and University Boulevard.

Or you could cast yourself amongst the sea of green at The Dubliner block party where U2 cover band With our Without U2 will provide tunes. The party is all day.

Trinity Hall Irish Pub is another great spot to pretend to be Irish all day. They will have live music, bagpipes and something like an Irish draft beer takeover.

But, wait, we're not done yet. It's still not even St. Patrick's Day...

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TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

Are we sure that the "green stuff" on the Snoop Dogg is mustard?

Ambelleina Warwillow
Ambelleina Warwillow

Green mustard, eh? If I can still walk post-parade, I'll drag my butt from Lovers!

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