Smashburger and DEBC Preparing to Pair Burgers and Brews

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Smashburger: now with hoppy beers.
This Tuesday, Deep Ellum Brewing Co. and Smashburger are throwing a little event to launch a beer pairing program and partnership between the two companies. According to a news release, several specialty burgers at Dallas locations of the Colorado-based chain will be paired up with DEBC's craft brews in an attempt to get customers to think about how food and beer work together. (And probably sell a few more burgers and beer.)

Tait Lifto, the branding ninja for DEBC, is clearly excited about the new partnership, which he says will take food and beer to another level on the pairing. Lifto claims the pairings will elevate the way the burgers taste and the way the beer tastes by working in tandem. "And that's not something we see a lot of here in Dallas, except for beer dinners," he added.

Lifto's referring to the fixed price dinners held at beer bars like Meddlesome Moth and Common Table, which match beer brewers and chefs together for a magical evening of bacon fat and drunk. These events can be enlightening, for sure, but they're also a commitment. Grabbing a paired beer and burger for lunch is something we all can do on a regular basis -- so long as the boss man isn't watching.

I'm a little skeptical. I have a hard time envisioning a customer who hates hoppy beers coming into Smashburger, selecting some crazy bacon number, seeing a Deep Ellum IPA listed as a pairing and giving it a shot anyway. Lifto agrees that it could be a stretch. "I'm not even sure Dallas is ready for it, to be honest," he said, though he's certainly maintaining his enthusiasm. "Hopefully they'll keep going back to it just to enlarge their minds."

If that happens, it's a good thing for everyone. Smashburger sells more burgers, DEBC sells more beer, and Dallas gets an army of new beer drinkers who have learned a thing or two about a local craft brewery.

Lifto wouldn't cough up any more details, even when I pressed him. Look for more on the pairings after the press event tomorrow night.

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Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

They'd be better of pairing beers with dancers at the titties bars.


This sounds gross.  Go to Common Table or Goodfriend.   Better burgers, and better beers.


" and the way the beer tastes by working in tandem. "And that's not something we see a lot of here in Dallas, except for beer dinners," he added."

Has he ever been to Jack Mac's Swill & Grill?  They only sell beer and wine made in Texas.  Each item on the menu has a recommended beer & wine pairing.  I believe Jack Mac's has the largest selection of locally brewed beer on the northern most side of town.

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