Seattle's Best Coffee to Expand to Area

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The sun is just above the horizon. You're battling traffic. You need caffeine. But to actually get out of the car to get your jolt? Apparently that's too hard for some Dallasites, or at least that's what Seattle's Best Coffee is banking on.

Following the successful launch of a new small footprint drive-thru-only concept in Seattle last fall, Seattle's Best, a part of Starbucks, is expanding in Dallas-Fort Worth with 15 new stores.

In addition to coffee on the go, the new concept will offer "dashboard-friendly" food including egg sandwiches and pretzel melts, and sweet and savory pies.

A spokesperson for the company said the new stores are set to land in the Dallas-Fort Worth area this spring, but refused to share exact locations and timing for opening will be shared closer to the launch date.

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Idk, before you bag on drive thru, easy coffee stands; I can say from my years living in Seattle there are a TON of these types of places. Both corporate-y, mom n pop and even the wayward bikini coffee type places. They're everywhere in the Pacific NW.


and we certainly don't need them downtown!


"But to actually get out of the car to get your jolt?".......when life becomes this trivial, I will check out and become a goat farmer in the Ozarks.  How entitled are you people that you can't get out of the car?  Fat ass yuppies.  Ahhhhhh,  (sniffing the glorious cedar filled air) entitlement, the breeze sweeps upon thee, and makes thine kids wonder why THEY ALSO can't enjoy $7 Starbucks, and all manner of "incredible shit!".  The problem is you f+ckers think the world is disposable. 


"Seattle's Best a part of, Starbucks". No thanks. I'll leave them to all the sheeple hipsters.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@kergo1spaceship eggsactly,  who the fuck pays $7 for burnt coffee, apparently a lot sheeple. I dont even get it.  When Im in the airport and there are 30 Starbucks but Ill go on a hunt for Dunkin Donuts coffee, its a 1/4 of the cost and tastes better

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