Oak Owners Plan Pakpao: A Thai Spot For The Design District

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Oak: now in bird's eye chili and tamarind flavors.
If there's one thing Dallas loves more than a popular restaurant, it's a second restaurant by the same owner. Side Dish has a short blog post about Richard and Tiffanee Ellman. The owners of the popular Design District restaurant Oak are bringing us another concept early this summer.

Pakpao promises another stylish dining room at the hands of Coeval and Plan B, the group responsible for some of Dallas' most attractive dining rooms. The post says little about the actual food or the chef that will run the kitchen, other than the menu will feature Thai cuisine,

The Ellmans opened Oak just last year. A slew of positive reviews, including one here at the Observer followed, and soon the couple announced their next concept.

The Bowery, a casual Uptown hot dog restaurant, was a quick failure. The small concept, built into a house that use to hold a dumpling restaurant never took root and closed within a few months. Belly and Trumpet opened shortly after in the same spot, and while I've yet to visit the restaurant, Leslie Brenner at the DMN has, and says so far things are looking good. Still, the small plates restaurant has only been open a few weeks, and the Ellmans are already talking Thai. I hope they talk Thai real good.

The rapid expansion reminds me of another group of growing restaurants in Dallas. Jay Jerrier's pizza empire may not be spooling up as quick as the Ellman enterprise, but it's still growing fast. A second location in East Dallas is close to opening, but not before Jerrier announced a third concept. Zoli's New York Pizza Tavern will open in the old enchilada spot recently abandoned by Monica Green.

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I called this in the story about them moving in the first place. That building is impossible to get to. Anybody who actually tours the building before leasing would realize this. If Starbucks can't make it there (the original occupant), no restaurant can.


"The Bowery, a casual Uptown hot dog restaurant, was a quick failure"..........you know why it failed? Because eating hot dogs isn't cool!  You don't wanna be a Dallas hipster, living in Lakewood and wearing a beard and a ski cap around, and eating a freaking hot dog!  I'm trying to figure out who irritates me more, The Dallas Hipster, or The Dallas Faux Rich?  Jesus Christ, everybody is either rich and/or famous these days; does anyone in this town have a sense of being practical, or real?  Or is it ALL just a disposable world? 

Trendy Names for Hipster/Yuppie Restaurants:









ps-I've trademarked all these names you silly metrosexual bastards; you want em-pay me!

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