No Worries People, Lays Potato Chips Are Healthy Now

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Empty Bag.jpg
I don't feel so hot...
I just got a great news release. Not more than two weeks after The New York Times published a story on the science behind the junk food that's poisoning us, Lay's has announced a new line of potato chips with 50 percent less sodium and the same great taste.

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The release offered to send me some chips for free, but I declined the offer. I was hungry that instant and decided to zip over to my local Kroger grocery store and get some myself. After I passed this aisle with a section devoted to entirely to diabetic friendly foods -- not that diabetes has anything to do with this blog post -- I was temporarily disappointed to find that the low-sodium chips were not yet available.

No worries, though. That same release noted that "Lay's® Wavy Original potato chips have a moderate amount of sodium -- 140 mg of sodium per 1-oz serving."

How wholesome! The release even compared 140 mg of sodium with the amount found in a single slice of white bread. Who knew a single slice of white bread had the same level of sodium as an entire serving of regular Lay's potato chips? No wonder so many people have high blood pressure -- not that high blood pressure has anything to do with any of this, either.

Next I bought a container of Heluva Good French Onion Sour Cream Dip, because who the hell wants to eat chips without dip. And then I bought some beer because, you know, research.

At home I weighed out a 1-ounce serving of chips. They look like this.

One Ounce serving chips 1.jpg
Not bad, right? Plenty, even.

Next I put them in a bowl to provide context because nobody eats potato chips off the top of a kitchen scale. In a bowl, an ounce of potato chips looks like this.

One Ounce serving chips 2.jpg
Kind of dismal, huh?
entire bag of chips.jpg
Now we're talking!
Finally I poured all of the chips into the bowl, because that's how most of us eat potato chips. We don't pull out kitchen scales when snacking, we open the bag and get nuts, which is precisely what I've been doing the entire time I've been writing this blog post.

When I finished blogging and snacking (it took me about 30 minutes to put together my first draft) I went back to my kitchen scale to tally the damage.

The Damage Lays.jpg
There were 6 3/8 ounces left in the bag, which means in a half-hour or so I'd eaten 4 1/8 ounces of Lay's Wavy Original potato chips. I weighed the remaining dip after taring out the weight of the container to find out that I'd also consumed 4 3/4 ounces of sour cream dip. The beer? It disappeared completely a long time ago.

According to the nutritional information on the packaging of these products, while mindlessly snacking and typing up this post, I consumed the following:

Chips assuming 4.2 servings: Calories, 660; Fat, 41.2g; Saturated fat, 6.1g; sodium, 577mg.

Dip assuming 4.3 servings: Calories, 217; Fat, 19.5g; Saturated fat, 13g, sodium, 696 mg

Don't forget the beer. I figure most people wash their snacks down with soda, but I don't like that much sugar. My beer added another 146 calories and only 11mg of sodium, which at this point sounds like health food. Of course, I limited myself to one serving, which is easier to do when they're packaged that way.

I'm glad I stopped eating halfway through this post. In a matter of minutes I've added 1,023 calories, 60.7g of fat (of which 29.1g were saturated) and 1,284 mg of sodium to my diet. And that was after I ate lunch.

In case you think I'm a glutton, and that you'd never do something like this in your own home, I put everything back into its original container to see what it would look like after some real world snacking.

There's still plenty left.

Chips and Dip Finished.jpg

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Yep Americans don't realize what a normal amount of food is. Only an American would find that quantity "dismal" - it is in fact a perfectly reasonable snack size. The American tendency to think "bigger is better" has bled into our attitude towards food and is responsible for our gigantic portion sizes. The sooner we educate ourselves to not see normal snack sizes that are enjoyed all over the world as "dismal" the sooner we will kick the obesity epidemic. We have to reeducate ourselves. The government should pay for every fat American to live for one year in a thin country where people eat reasonable portion sizes. He will shocked at first, stunned even, and think he is going to starve, but after that year he'll be astonished at what he used to think was a "normal" amount of food.


Servings sizes are BS. It's all a conspiracy because of Obama... or something.

Christiana McKinney Harris
Christiana McKinney Harris

they make natural chips too-- like natural cheetos-- Natural is organic just not certified organic-- when u eat natural chips you are less likely to store fat because your body can process it -- when your body encounters unnatural substances-- it turns the chemicals into fat--love me some chips

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

that Heluva Good makes some good dips, I tried the jalapeno cheddar ranch dip, that shit was delicious.  Also, I will never buy ruffles again, after having bought Lays for years my inner child came out and I bought ruffles, the chips break far too easily when dipping in said Heluva Good dips.  

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

The best chips out there are from Utz, a Pennsylvania company that puts out a perfect potato chip.


@Jennifer Spera Agreed. Someone below said Heluva Good makes good dips...yet every variety has MSG. If your dips are so good, why do they need flavor enhancers? The same thing goes for many of Lay's flavored chips.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@alteredjustice doesnt Obama want to use drones to monitor our eating habits to make sure we dont eat more than the serving size and if you do he will add a fat tax to your tax bill?

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