LOOK! Pork Chops And Charlotte's Web Together in Addison's Newest Cinema

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Pizza, beer, movies, grilled meat -- the four are about to co-mingle in perfect harmony at LOOK cinemas in Addison later this month. The massive 11-screen, 1,900-seat stadium theater complex will be flanked by a Nick and Sam's Grill and a Coal Vines Pizza, in an attempt to get potential patrons to make a complete evening of their visit to the theater.

In addition to the two restaurants a nacho and sushi bar will be available, accompanied by a cocktail bar.

The new cinema will actually be marrying up dinner and a movie, quite intimately. Large "lofts" for semi-private viewing parties will be catered by the supporting restaurants. Makes me wonder how hard it will be to check your steak for doneness in a dimly lit theater.

The super-theater is having a special event March 28 at 6 p.m. to open the space to the public. They're screening GI Joe: Retaliation and all proceeds from the evening will go to the Fort Hood Warrior Transition Brigade. Then starting Friday LOOK is open for normal business.

Look Cinemas us at the Northeast corner of Belt Line Road and Prestonwood Boulevard.

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The problem with these pricey theaters is the movie has to really be worth watching to justify spending all this $$$. I was happy I saw Inception at the fancy expensive theater in Allen.


So they built it on the site of the original Studio Movie Grill. Interesting.

Sotiredofitall topcommenter

Yep - let's make going to the movies more like watching a movie on your couch with a TV tray and a bunch more people?     http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0387808/       Will everyone have a pause and rewind button so you can catch the missed dialogue ? 

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