Community Cooks Event at Paul Quinn College

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Tickets are now on sale for the annual Community Cooks Event at Paul Quinn College, an annual garden-setting feast where some of the best chefs in Dallas pitch in to help out with a fantastic cause.

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Several years ago the football field at PQC was transformed into a 2-acre organic farm; a project called the We Over Me Farm. Students at the southern Dallas college maintain the huge garden, which provides lessons not only in farming and health, but also social entrepreneurship. During the past three years, the students have harvested more than 10,000 pounds of produce, some of which is served in the school cafeteria, and the rest is sold to the local community and at farmers markets when the season is right.

Last year when I first learned of the Community Cooks dinner, I wanted to see this football field turned garden for myself. Even more so, I wanted meet the students behind it.

I spent an hour or so with the farm manager Andrea Bithell and three PQC students. We walked between rows of a variety of greens as each relayed stories about their work in the garden and how it's changed their view of food. Benito Vidaure, a Dallas native, told me he couldn't eat an entire cheeseburger anymore without getting sick because his body had adjusted to a more vegetarian diet. He also looked forward to the time in the garden, picking weeds, as a daily escape. I was easily sold on the work that Bithell and PQC put into the garden and the great experience it provides for the students.

I wasn't alone, and that's why at 6 p.m. Thursday, April 11, some of the best chefs around Dallas will set up shop along the sidelines of the old football field. Because most of them probably have a garden story somewhere along the way too. (I know they do. I've asked most of them.)

The proceeds from the fundraiser go directly toward educational programs to increase healthy eating and food access across the Highland Hills section of southern Dallas, which is a virtual food desert.

Tickets for the dinner are $75. Chefs include Randall Copeland of AVA, Graham Dodds of Central 214, Jeff Harris of Bolsa, Chad House of Café Momentum, Jason Maddy of Oak, Janice Provost of Parigi, Mark Wootton of Gaden Café, Jim Severson of Sevy's and Nathan Tate of Boulevardier.

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primi_timpano topcommenter

I am a frequent patron of the downtown Farmer's Market but cannot recall seeing a Paul Quinn stall.  Do you know where they sell?


"Benito Vidaure, a Dallas native, told me he couldn't eat an entire cheeseburger anymore without getting sick because his body had adjusted to a more vegetarian diet"........don't be an over dramatic queen, Benito.

That's like saying I did so much hiking yesterday, that my eyes couldn't adjust to watch the History Channel. 

BTW, Bakers Ribs (whom I NEVER consider when looking for good Q; shite's pretty good!  The Fried Pie  Place attached to it; f+cking disgusting!  I had one of those bacon, egg and cheese fried pies last week in Davis Oklahoma, took one bight, and threw that shit out the window........I can't imagine the poor raccoon that found it-the poor bastard will be doing the Philly Shuffle, looking for a raccoon toilet. 

ps-Tawakoni.... pretty nice. Also, if you get real drunk at the parade; no I DON'T want to fight.  Here's a tip....start drinking at 11, instead of 8AM.


@primi_timpano Howdy. They're not in downtown. I know they've been at the White Rock Local Market. It was last fall/spring. The students see the entire process through from planting to selling. Again, I really think it's based on the loot from the garden. I'm not sure if they have a regular booth every weekend. Last year they also had a stand on campus so that the local community could buy fresh local goods. And, then some goes to the school cafeteria. 


@kergo1spaceship Ugh. I thought we weren't going to bicker needlessly. Benito just casually mentioned how healthy eating had impacted him. If anyone made it dramatic, it's me. But, how coud you pick on that in the same post as hatin' on fried pie? Don't you see the contradiction? Benito is really nice. And the garden is great for the kids. 

Those pies are gut bombs. And like rubbing crisco on your face. 



Dear the LDD,

      Okay, I apologize.  Gardening is a great teaching tool for kids; the Kergie kid (3 years old) did all the planting yesterday whilst I sat back and drank Budlight........good kid!

ps-Sometimes my bicker gets "out of control"; but I will listen to reason. My wife sometimes has to REAL ME IN several times a day, if it's diatribe day. 

primi_timpano topcommenter

@kergo1spaceship @danielslauren 

You are a lucky man, Kergo.  Back when I was married, aka the Nights of the Living Dead, I was rarely reeled in weekly, and several times a day would be a porn reel fantasy.  Carry on.

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