Chef Burning Questions: Andre Natera on Favorite Cookbooks, Food Shame and Ketchup Flavored Pringles?

In this new feature, each week (or thereabout) we'll ask a local chef three burning questions about their favorite culinary reads, food shames and greatest (or worst) meals. Today the new executive chef at Village Marquee, Andre Natera, tells us about an unfortunate queso incident and his love for Weinerschnitzel.

What are your three favorite cookbooks?
Le Guide Culinaire by Escoffier
La Technique by Jacques Pepin
The French Laundry Cookbook by Thomas Keller

What are a few of your latest food shames?
I love Wienerschnitzel chili cheese dogs and chili fries. I can also go for the occasional ice cream late at night. Pistachio is my favorite flavor.

Greatest and worst things you've eaten recently?
The greatest thing I've eaten recently was ketchup flavored Pringles while in Vancouver, Canada. The worst thing was queso and enchiladas from a certain Mexican kitchen that will remain anonymous.

Location Info

Village Marquee - Texas Grill & Bar

33 Highland Park Village, Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

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