A Giant Beer Barrel on Wheels Named Woody Will Be Rolling Through Dallas

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Deschutes Brewery, the Portland, Oregon-based beer maker known for its delicious alcoholic beverages, is coming to Dallas in a big way this April. I can't even begin to tell you about each of the places they plan to hit, but it's one of the most comprehensive beer blitzes I've seen since taking this job.

The campaign kicks of on Saturday, April 6, at the Big Texas Beer Fest and then relentlessly parades around the DFW area for 12 days.

Did I mention that the whole thing is anchored by Woody, the giant beer barrel on wheels?

Woody was actually much cooler in my mind. I pictured a massive beer barrel that looks something like a children's lawn toy with wiggling beer hoses that shoot beer in all directions, showering the masses with suds. Anyway, it's just a bar on wheels.

Still, it is sort of showering the Dallas area with alcohol. Denton, Plano, Greenville Avenue, Highland Park, Fort Worth and the Bishop Arts District are all stops on the list. And naturally the rolling beer barrel will be featuring lots of Deschutes beer.

Check out their website if you want to track this thing down. Or check out big finale at The Common Table on April, 13.

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It is the Bend, Oregon based brewery.  Not one of the many amazing Portland-based breweries.  But I still love you.


Deschutes is actually out of the beautiful mountain town of Bend aka the home of the Mirror Pond.


The greatest brewery on earth.

Joey Angel Avila
Joey Angel Avila

Well lucky for me everything is Big in Texas,now where's my glass..

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