Where's Johnny? Cash Painting Stolen from Max's Wine Dive in Austin

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Max's Wine Dive, Austin. Via Eater Austin
Artist: Tra' Slaughter
Last week Eater Austin's (and ex Dallas-ite) Andrea Grimes reported that a huge painting of Johnny Cash was stolen out of Max's Wine Dive on San Jacinto Boulevard in Austin. The piece was commissioned to Tra' Slaughter of Houston and this large mural was supposed to spend some time at each Max around the state, including Houston and Dallas.

"Someone had sticky fingers at Max's Wine Dive last week, and it wasn't a result of the signature fried chicken: the downtown restaurant's favorite piece of Johnny Cash art, has gone missing."

The restaurant is offering a cash reward for information that leads to the painting's return. Maybe the Man in Black just couldn't stand being trapped in a rusty cage. And, perhaps wine ain't his thing. He had other vices.

I don't know, Austin. I thought you kids were above stealing another man's possession, especially bringing Johnny Cash into it. That's not very hippie of you. It just reeks of such bad karma. "God's Gonna Cut You Down," "Hurt," "Ring of Fire," how could you sleep at night with that painting in your possession? It'll probably show up in an episode of Storage Wars in 10 years.

Keep an eye out for Johnny. He's just gotta be around here somewhere.

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TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

Ha! Cash reward.

There's a cold hard pallet in Folsom prison for the dirty rat that took that print.


Why was a painting of the great and transcendent JC in a wine bar with a bunch of fat haus frau's, and dude's drinking with there pinkie's in the air?  Someone probably stole it, and put it in a real bar! 

"Git rhythm, if you got the blues"....his music rings of an amalgamation of Memphis blues, West Memphis "walking" country and the stew pot of pre southern rocking (cool daddy!). He was my Elvis.

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