Top Chef Seattle: Season Finale. Part 1. Because This Season Won't Die.

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tom farting on padma.jpg
On the Season Finale of Top Chef: Seattle, they told us that the season finale would be a two-part season finale. I swear, this season won't die, you guys.

At least the photographers at Bravo keep getting "I'm farting" pictures of Tom Colicchio. Everyone likes those. Enjoy.

tom farting3 copy.jpg
In a not-shocking-to-anyone non-surprise, Kristen survived Last Chance Kitchen and has made it back into the competition. She competes against Sheldon and Brooke, and knocks Sheldon out. Nobody from Dallas is involved, which means everyone is smiling, there's no drama and Padma's boobs aren't out for like the whole episode.

martin yan and tom farting copy.jpg
And they did have Martin Yan (a.k.a. Yan Can Cook) as a judge, which was freaking badass. I loved watching him chop shit up all fast in the '80s. He's the best. I wanted to hug my TV when he appeared on it. You think they'll be able to get my other favorite PBS celebrity chefs from the '80s for the finale? If Justin Wilson shows up in his suspenders, I'll shit an excited brick. Dude -- The Frugal Gourmet. We need him in this finale. WHERE IS THE FRUGAL GOURMET?

TOM SHART copy.jpg
Next week, maybe the show will be over? I wouldn't bet on it.

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