The Real Reason Makers Mark Wanted to Dilute Their Whiskey

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The Maker's Mark story keeps unfolding like onion layers. The Washington Post published an article Monday that delves a little deeper into the cooperate decision to lower the proof of their popular bourbon.

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It was easy to jump to the conclusion that evil corporate overlords made the decision in an attempt to make more money off of the destruction of our livers. Well, that's still true, but they just weren't doing it the way we thought they were.

Turns out it was never about dilution of whiskey. It was about dilution of brand.

Maker's Mark is at the perfect price point right now to maintain a competitive edge at bars, the Post said. If the company doesn't increase the supply of the whiskey, the price of the product will go up and push the popular brand out of favor with bar managers who watch profits by the milliliter. A dollar or two to the north, and suddenly Bulleit bourbon is visibly stocked in massive bottles behind the bar.

Check out the whole story here if you want to read all the reasons behind the decision, but do yourself a favor and pour a Sidecar whiskey sour before you click.

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The bar managers could just tell the bartenders to water down the drinks.  Does it matter if you add water before or after it goes into the bottle?


I drink well whiskey because I'm cheap...and broke.


Beam owns plenty of whiskeys to compete with Bulleit... should not be an issue.

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