The Mediterranean Diet Is Hip (Again): Here are Five Places to Find Your Tabbouleh

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The Mediterranean diet was bolstered by a study recently released by the New England Journal of Medicine. The report concludes not only that a diet based on olive oil, nuts and fish can prevent cardiovascular disease but that it's more effective than the previously recommended low-fat diet.

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Researchers tracked more than 7,000 test subjects as they followed guidelines recommending more than a quarter cup of olive oil a day in addition to vegetables, legumes and fatty fish, compared with a control group which was restricted to a low-fat diet. Those who ate Mediterranean style had a 30 percent lower risk of major cardiovascular problems.

Pie lovers, avert your eyes: Commercial bakery goods, sweets and pastries were discouraged in both groups.

My line of work prevents me from indulging any sort of sensible diet, but I have on multiple occasions leaned heavily on tabbouleh when I feel like my eating habits spiraled out of control. Considering I'm actually eating a bowl of leftover beef stew while I type this, I think it's time I go visit some of my favorite Mediterranean diet friendly restaurants here in Dallas.

Qariah (pictured above)
This Greenville Avenue Lebanese restaurant opened late last year with one of the most compelling buffets I've seen in some time. Their tabbouleh is coarse and bright with lemon and the bake fresh bread to order.


Ali Baba
Ali Baba has become a go-to for East Dallasites. The buffet is always busy during the week, and evenings the dim and cozy dining room is filled with people munching on kebabs and flat bread.


Baboush babaganoush.JPG
The last time I dined at Baboush I was taken by their babaganoush, which boasted a dollop of creamy basil and sweet pomegranate seeds along with the subtle heat of fresh jalepeños. Baboush's menu may lean towards Moroccan flavors but the focus on grilled lean meats and fresh vegetables fit perfectly into the Mediterranean diet guidelines.


Fadia Deli Falafel.JPG
No Mediterranean restaurant list would be complete without a nod to Fadia's falafel. The texture is perfect, with a super crunchy exterior that's not at all oily and a center that's cooked though and not doughy. This recommendation comes with a disclaimer, however. The tiny storefront is filled with baked sweets including baklava, which are delicious, but definitely not the cornerstone of a healthy Mediterranean diet.


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Pera Turkish Kitchen
Pera's freshly baked pide bread is a reason to visit this Far North Dallas restaurant on its own. And the rest of the menu holds up, too with perfectly grilled, whole branzino, handmade dolmas and other salads and dips that pack big flavors, even though they're simple and healthy.

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Fadia's Deli

581 W. Campbell Road, Richardson, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Qariah Restaurant

1811 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

Qariah Restaurant

1811 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Café Izmir spits on this article!!

Darren Dupre
Darren Dupre

Dimassis and Afrah should also be on the list. Both in Richardson.



    I prefer the Ameri-Diet, whereupon one gluttonize's on fast food, shakes and then plays video games for 7 hours a day. This diet is a more of a lifestyle that includes cynicism, sarcasm and brazen entitlement .......kind of like a reverse Buddhism. This diet is perfect for fat American kids, and parents that want nothing do with said kids; hell man, the TV will raise them-better yet, let's drop them off at school  and let teachers raise them! 

This is a great diet my gramps brought over from the old country!  It works, you fat bastards. 


Can anyone list some good resources for learning about/living by this diet? I wouldn't be able to live by it perfectly due to my seafood-hating wife, but I'd love to get a foundation in the tenets of this diet and also learn some good recipes.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

This is a superb diet; one you can actually stick to for life.  Scrumptious!


We had the sumptuous ($9.95) buffet at Afrah today.

Everything was amazingly good. Especially their mixed beef, lamb, and chicken Shawarma. 

How could anyone in their right mind not include them on the above list?



Dear Gippy,

    Check this out....I sent this link to my brohampster who was craving a natural diet. Having a "seafood hating wife" won't affect that much; I also have a seafood hating wife AND kids; they don't know what they are missing!  What's better than:

blue crab, lobsta, crab legs, tuna (not canned crap), tilapia, swordfish, shrimp?  

Not liking seafood is like not liking coffee. 



ps-BTW, I hated seafood until I was about 30, having grown up by the sea and been subject to my mom's coookin' (horrible) and cod liver oil-eff'ing disgusting!

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