The Lot: Sharon Hage Tackles Papadum!

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Just when you think there can't possibly be another Sharon Hage designed restaurant, the former York Street chef cranks out another. The next goes by the name The Lot and will open February 25 on a two-acre lot where Gaston Avenue and East Grand Avenue meet up with Garland Road.

This time Hage is consulting with John McBride (his family started the whole El Fenix thing) to offer a beer gardening, bicycle trail loving, genuine fare serving, casual gathering place for all to enjoy.

And it gets better!

Hatsumi Kuzuu is also in on the deal. The same designer who created very compelling spaces for Sissy's and Tei-An is now responsible for a 180-seat dining room and bar featuring an open-air porch with wooden picnic tables and a trellis-lined beer garden.

Certainly everything Hage touches is at least interesting, but this spot seems particularly so. Forget the chicken that promises to anchor the menu. Sandwiches filled with beef tongue, deviled ham and a cashew butter join some Indian riffs including fried cauliflower and crispy papadum.

Here's hoping for at least one spicy curry on the menu. Oh, and plenty of bike parking.

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THANK YOU for reviving the space.  I live in and love this area and cannot wait to check it out.  I have been watching the entire construction process from Day One with eager anticipation and this article just made me smile, smile, smile. My bike and I will be there soon.  Cheers!


That spot has been needing a new restaurant ever since they tore down Bob White's there many years ago.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Didn't think....knew...since it was announced last Oct.


Biked by this over the weekend and the hammers were flyin' out back.  Will there be direct access to the Santa Fe trail? 


Oops, wrong space.  The Lot is in the former volleyball restaurant place, not the (still) empty lot.  Was it Roscoe White or Bob White?  Anybody remember?

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