The Joule Has an Amazing Pastrami Sandwich

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Yup, the fries are good too.
It's been haunting me for weeks now. The memory of perfect pastrami, tucked between two slices of perfectly toasted rye, with sharp mustard that had a serious bite. I've sampled a number of different house-cured deli meats around Dallas, and many of them have been pretty good, but this sandwich, served at the bar at Charlie Palmer at The Joule downtown, was the first to hit every component of sandwichdom completely out of the park.

We played phone tag for a while, but I finally got to talk with Michael Sindoni, who's been running the kitchen at The Joule for the last year after moving to Dallas from DC. He knows he's onto something with this pastrami.

"I've been working for a few years," Sindoni told me, including a stint as chef at Againn, a recently closed gastro pub in the Mount Vernon neighborhood that helped kick off a pastrami trend in the nation's capital.

Here in Dallas, an absurdly long cure time is part of the reason Sindoni's pastrami is a cut above the rest. While the chef wouldn't divulge specifics on the record, I'll say it's much longer than the three days called for in the pastrami recipes in my cookbooks. The meat is then rubbed with coriander, black pepper and toasted mustard and then air dried for a day before it's smoked. The results are perfectly sliced and heaped on to rye bread from Empire Bakery for a well-pedigreed sandwich.

Sindoni cited a love of fermentation as a catalyst for the sandwich development. He's currently working on other recipes for naturally fermented pickles, cabbage and other vegetables.

What a minute chef, did you say cabbage? Any chance there will be a Reuben sandwich on an upcoming menu at the restaurant?

"Oh, there will be shortly," Sindoni said. "There's a Cuban in the works, too."

I'll be ready.

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Katz's Pastrami 15.95
Smoked to juicy perfection and hand carved to your
specifications (ask for Mayo at your own peril)

Katz's Corned Beef 15.45
Our secret "dry cure" pickling formula requires a full month
to be ready to serve. The secret to finishing one is to pace yourself


Had this yesterday for lunch.  While the fries were good, I found the texture of the pastrami to be unpleasant.  Too fatty and yet too tough to bite through.  Maybe I had a bad one, but at $15 in high end hotel should there be any bad ones?


I'm always suspicious of pastrami sliced that thin but I will give it a shot.


$15.00 bucks for a few slices of pastrami that probably came from off the Sysco truck? The only thing "amazing" about their pastrami sandwich is it's price. 


@Mervis And, Katz's pastrami sandwich is about three times the size of the meager offering illustrated above. 

scott.reitz moderator

@Twinwillow Not at all. House-brined brisket. Empire Bread. House mustard. Look at those fries, they're cut in house too.  It's a great hand-crafted sandwich.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

@cynicaloldbastard fifteen dollar..make ya hollar.



15 dollars for sandwich!?  That just stupid. I see why this country struggles with some manner of reality-with $15 sandwiches, our kids think that video games are real, and our wives think that Honey Boo Boo is entertaining. 

scott.reitz moderator

@primi_timpano It's not on the menu right now, but apparently it's bubbling away in the kitchen as we speak

primi_timpano topcommenter

@scott.reitz @twinwillow

Not terribly high for a quality sandwich served at a high end downtown hotel. So do they also make sauerkraut?


@kergo1spaceship @scott.reitz Hey, don't knock Honey Boo Boo. We all knew it'd come to this based on the popularity of Jessica Simpson's reality show.

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