In Defense of Rot Gut: Why Every Home Bar Needs a Bottle of Old Overholt

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If you happen to order a Sazerac while you're out and about, and you don't specify Templeton, Bulleit or some other top-shelf rye whiskey, I'm willing to belt you'll end up with Old Overholt in your drink. The inexpensive whiskey has become a secret weapon of bartenders all over the country and all over Dallas.

Walk into most large liquor stores and you'll find it. Total Wine on Park Lane sells a 750 milliliter bottle for just $11.99. Walk into a fancy bar and order a single drink made with the same stuff and you'll pay almost the same price for just 2 ounces of the whiskey.

Bar managers don't just love the stuff for the profit margins. This rye is incredibly mixable, with the slightly peppery notes that are rounded out with a subtle sweetness of honey. In truth it's smooth enough to drink on its own, but if you're using this bottle as a cheap way to entertain guests, you'll impress them more with a fancy cocktail.

Splurge on some really good absinthe. The sticker shock will be absorbed as you doctor literally hundreds of drinks with a single bottle. Use this recipe and you'll get 10 drinks out of every bottle of Old Overholt you buy. Your friends will think they're partying at the latest, greatest cocktail den while they sit on your couch. And everyone's wallet will be a lot fatter.

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Shush! If word gets out the price will skyrocket! I've loved Old Overholt for years. It's better than many whiskeys you'll pay twice as much for.  9 times out of  10 with liquor you're paying for the name. At least until you hit the $70 and up range.

primi_timpano topcommenter

It doesn't get much better than good tacos and quality cheap whiskey.  Keep it coming.


Bachman Lake taco joints, cheap whiskey....did the Observer slash your expense account?

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