Hofmann's Griller Is Indeed Snappy: They also Have Some Interesting Buns

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Last night Hofmann's Hots held a media preview at their new hot dog restaurant in Trinity Groves. They gave out a bunch of free hot dogs, and a lot of bloggers and reporters from newspapers took pictures and conducted interviews.

The fast food restaurant is brought to you by the Dallas based Zaccanelli Food Group, which acquired Hofmann Sausage last May, and chose the Trinity Groves project as the site for the first of "many locations."

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The restaurant is pretty minimalist with a diner motif marked by white tile, red bar stools and chrome accents here and there. A walk-up counter greets you when you walk through the front door, with a beer cooler stocked with domestic bottles on ice adjacent to a warming bench touting massive saute pans filled with mac and cheese, tater tots, baked beans and other sides.

The grillers are indeed, snappy, but I was most interested in the buns they bake in house every day. A massive Hobart mixer kneads dough for top-split buns (just like the ones used for lobster rolls) baked from scratch, and each gets toasted lightly with butter before your choice of a traditional hot dog, or a kielbasa sausage gets tucked inside. They run $4.50-5.95 depending on how crazy you want to get with your toppings.

Hot dog concepts didn't work out so well on McKinney Avenue, but The Dog Stop and Wild About Harry's have been open for years. We'll see how well hot dogs work in Trinity Groves.

Hofmann Hots, 340 Singleton Blvd, 214-760-9977

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So the good folks of dallas foot the bill for a mega million designer bridge, and we get a retro hot dog stand as it's gate way ?


I've been pretty excited about this place opening up, and the continuing drama of Frank Zaccanelli and his own errant wiener makes it that much more hilarious. 


Did the overly fat Frank Z try to f+ck any of the patrons?  Or just the staff? Or the investors? He did such a GREAT job with the Mav's........the guy is a frickin' genius! 

ps-Sue him Phil.

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