BREAKING: Restaurant People Love Crossing Their Arms in Photos

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jack perkins1.jpg
Robert Bostick
Jack Perkins, crossing the shit out of his arms.
Dallas chefs and restaurant owners looooove crossing their arms in photos. We should make it stop. It's the most important change that needs to happen in our restaurant scene. Seriously. Evidence:

The Stephan Pyles does it.

Stephan Pyles.jpg

FT33's Matt McCallister maybe learned it from him?

matt mccallister arm cross.jpg

The Grape's Brian C. Luscher? Total arm-crosser.

briancluscher arms cross.jpg

And he has clearly taught Danyele McPherson all of his tricks.

danyele mcpherson arms cross.jpg

Or maybe Danyele and Tiffany Derry learned it from being on Top Chef?

tiffany derry arms cross.jpg

Driftwood's Omar Flores is all about the arm cross.

omar flores arms crossed.jpg

Nick Badovinus? Oh, you know he's got this.


Back-to-back arm cross: check. Follow it up with a chest bump, Restaurant Ava.

randall copeland.jpg

Brian Zenner and Rudy Mendoza are all, "We can cross our arms, too. Don't try to pretend you're the only cool one, Copeland."

Zenner and Mendoza.jpg

It's actually harder to find an image of Tre Wilcox in which he's not crossing his arms.

tre wilcox arms cross.jpg

John Tesar crosses his arms so much, he's even crossing them when he's covered in shit.

JohnTesar arms crossed.jpg

Kent Rathbun crosses his arms WITH KNIVES, BITCHES.

kent rathbun dallas observer.jpg

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These would be so much better if they were flipping the bird to the camera, I love when people do that, nothing but class, I tell ya'!


Funny, but you'll find that in about 90% of the Dallas Business Journal pictures too. Its a bad trend.. I guess it's makes you look powerful?


In the cases of Perkins, Rathbun and a few others, it's obviously an unsuccessful attempt to hide those huge guts.


All of those people; do they all have working toilets? 

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

Did Jack approve of you using his photo in this blog?  He got testy when he got included in a tweet 2 weeks ago

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Do you think the same photographer is used in these shots?


@xmantx I see it all the time on reality shows of all places, but noticed it all over TurboTax's site. It gets really annoying after awhile. Food Network LOVES that cliche, even on their shows like "Chopped". Ugh...enough already!


@xmantx Yes, it is actually called the power take, when I ran for city council I had to do it too.



Be careful, that comment could set him off....he is pretty easy to draw offsides. Just ask him about his toilet "sitchiation" at M+M. 



And I have it on good authority that he reads and scrutinizes everything with his name attached to it.

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