Becks Prime Opens Second Spot on Greenville

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Houston-based Becks Prime has opened a second Dallas location at 4622 Greenville Ave. The restaurant was built from the ground up in a tight spot between the Vespa store and car wash, just south of Parkit Market.

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Becks started serving upscale burgers almost three decades ago on Kirby Drive in Houston. Actually, when I called the spot today to confirm the opening, I was greeted by "Thanks for calling Beck's on Kirby." He must have transferred.

The burgers are grilled over mesquite wood coals and made from chuck roast, which is ground in-house daily. They also serve chicken, fish and steaks. Per their website, nothing is frozen except the beer mugs.

This location has both dine-in and a drive-thru option, although since everything is made-to-order, it's not a speedy situation. I remember sitting in dad's car 20 years ago in Houston. I even remember the smell. That char-grilled tenderloin sandwich was worth the wait. But, maybe I was just a dumb kid.

No, wait! Twenty years ago, I wasn't a kid. Oh, that hurts.

The other Dallas Becks location is at 5931 Forest Lane (at Preston).

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Their burgers and fries are SOOO good, fresh hand cut fries.  Their grilled chicken is also delicious.

primi_timpano topcommenter

Very good chain hamburger stand with a real steak sandwich.


thanks so much, didn't even notice it driving by there yesterday. always room for another good burger place in my world.

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