Armadillo Ale Works First Official Beer Launch at Oak St. Drafthouse This Friday

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Armadillo Ale Works
Local craft brewers Armadillo Ale Works will pour their first official beer at Oak Street Drafthouse in Denton this Friday.

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Founders Yianna Arestis and Bobby Mullins have been brewing under the tutelage of the state's official small mammal since 2010, but it's been more or less a homebrewing operation. Then, in a friendly hophead gesture, Deep Ellum Brewing Co. offered their tanks and equipment to the duo, which allowed them do to get their beer on the market while continuing to raise money to open their own brewery in Denton.

They say the first beer is Quakertown Stout, "a slamming concoction of two-row barley, brown malt, dark wheat, oats, roasted barley, Blackprinz malt, and the most robust maple syrup we could get our hands on."

On Friday they will be giving out commemorative pint glasses to go with the beer.

The launch party will start at 5 p.m. Friday at the Oak St. Drafthouse, 308 E. Oak St., which, according to their site, is the third oldest house in Denton and has 70 beers on tap and 100 in bottles.

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So Lauren, what is your favorite beer from a metroplex craft brewer so far?

Had a DEBC Dreamcrusher last night that was very good. That Robust Porter from Four Corners is excellent.

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