A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the "Death of the Twinkie" Photo Shoot

Photos by Catherine Downes
Who killed Twinkie the Kid?
In this week's news feature, Observer staff writer Brantley Hargrove takes an in-depth look at the demise of Irving-based snack food company Hostess. The photos that accompany the story feature Hostess products strategically places in CSI-type scenarios. Below are a few of my favorite photos from the shoot. Also, make sure to check out the full behind-the-scenes slideshow, here.


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Catherine, you took these? THEY ARE SO FUCKING GREAT. 

Seriously, they're great. I love them. Nice job, dude. 

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Hostess is Irving based...not Dallas.

Next thing we'll see here is that they are going into partnership with the Lagrange folks and opening in Deep Ellum.



I read this post, like 6 times, and I am so confused. This isn't really AM, this is the Cultivar Coffee Facebook Button Pushing A+shole, isn't it? 

In fact, I was so confused I typed the contents "Catherine, you...." into the internet, and it shut down with a flagrant message stating "INTERNET IS NO WORKY-moderator". 

ps-I NOT excite to follow this!


@Sharon_Moreanus I would bet that Hostess going into partnership with the Langrange folks and opening in Deep Ellum is not the next thing you'll see here.



I tried to start the Kerg's 5000 (newest model as of 2 years ago) and the thing just shot raw sulphur, and bile into the post midnight night-thanks Merlan! It's smells like a weird and sickly amalgamation of sick farts ("fahhts", as me brother says) and July Full Sun Dumpster (pronounced "dumpsta"in ugly Yank speak). Thanks!?

ps-Now I have to inquire about buying the Kerg's 5050, which has many flaws, including uninhibited rants about the south, Craig James, Walmart and Dickey's BBQ. And it costs $5000! Worst of all.......it's built in Korea, and is certain to be dumped in a Lake Texoma field by 2014, therefore killing and damaging the fragile "Pottsboro Uplift" with mercury and hazardous third world toxins. 

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