20 Feet Has Some Big-Ass Blue Points but Sadly No Booze, So Bring Your Own

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Such a cool sign
I couldn't wait any longer. I'm a sucker for good seafood, and Marc Cassel's new casual restaurant promised oysters on the half shell, fish and chips, sandwiches and more.

Cassel leased the space right next to Goodfriend and Good 2 Go, rounding out a trio of restaurants offering tacos and burgers and seafood. Unlike Goodfriend, though, 20 Feet is BYOB so if you want a beer with your fish and chips you'll need to plan ahead.

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Last night they offered Blue Point oysters the size of a baby's fist for $9 a half dozen. The oysters were briny and full bodied and served with a red vinegar mignonette, a mild cocktail sauce, lime and lemon wedges.

If raw oysters aren't your thing there's an interesting play on fish and chips, too. Cassel fries shoe string potatoes with fresh rosemary and thyme for chips that smell like an herb garden, and offers three generous pieces of fish for $14. There's chowder and other soups, and the requisite lobster roll on the menu as well.

If you're looking for an affordable seafood meal based on dressed up versions of seafood shack classics, 20 Feet is worth a look. The little strip mall at the corner of Peavy and Garland Road has become a nice little food destination.

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Are they working on a license; or is the plan to remain BYOB (which i prefer).


They don't have fresh brewed iced tea, only canned.  Yuck.

scott.reitz moderator

@EliotLandrum Just off the phone with owners of both places. What I was told by the cashier was incorrect. Customers can not take booze from Goodfriend and walk it over to 20 Feet.

20 Feet is indeed BYOB, though.

The post has been corrected.

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