Yelp to Add Restaurant Health Inspection Grades to Site

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Sample Yelp page with health inspection score (above the hours).
Yelp is adding restaurant health inspection grades to its restaurant pages. The reports, however, aren't based on customer reviews, but rather city-provided health score information.

Yelp has already launched the new feature in San Francisco. New York is next and then it will gobble up the rest of the country. That should allow ample time for all the hygienically disinclined wipe down the walls and floors.

There's already so much controversy with Yelp reviews, it will be interesting to see how this thickens the plot. A restaurant's narrative can be at the mercy of sometimes-fickle, hotheaded, or gushing reviewers. With this feature, maybe opinions will become less valuable; while the crepes may be the best in the city, what about those roach droppings in the kitchen? On the upside for managers and owners, this is arguably an aspect they have control over.

Here's a sample page for a restaurant in San Francisco. Under the address, phone number, menu link, there's a "Health Score" rating.

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I was really betting the farm I could piss off some bored haus frau, or a denizen of Decatur with those Yelp comments; welp, back to the drawing board!


Yelp sucks!  Who wants to hear Marge from Decatur (yes, that Marge, with 4 kids, and an unairconditioned, rusted Econoline van) give a review on some random place, somewhere-ANSWER, no one!  I used to "poke my head under the hood" to check and see if I could get a quality, insightful view on an establishment....nope.  99% of these folks come across as uneducated and lonely fools.  Maybe if they had naked "pittures" or sports scores I would read this shitty drivel. 

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