Tom Vincent of Texas Coffee School Delivers the Most Fantastic Cup of Coffee

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Tom Vincent of Texas Coffee School
Tom Vincent opened the Texas Coffee School in 2011 to teach the world how to make great coffee. And that might sound a little crazy. But, Vincent perhaps is a little crazy. After being laid off as a creative director at an ad agency several years ago, he decided to pursue his passion for a great cup of coffee. It's started out extremely small, like literally teaching one couple how to make espresso at their house, but has grown into a consulting and barista training center. Vincent also offers one-day classes on how to simply make an amazing cup of coffee at your house.

Here's our chat about the world's most popular drink after water:

So, let's start with some basic tips on how to make a great cup of coffee for the regular Joe at home. No fancy machines, just a man with his beans and hot water.
Well, you have to start with good beans. I've got a great coffee in from Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters recently called Pacamara Honey from Nicaragua.

You want to definitely weigh the beans before you grind them; it's much easier to get your coffee to water ratio correct if you weigh it first. (A scale cost about $14.)

The best ratio is 2 grams of coffee to one fluid ounce of water.

What's your favorite method?
For this coffee I'm going to use a Clever dripper ($21.50 on Amazon). It's a really cool way to brew coffee because it's kind of a hybrid between the French press method and the pour over method; you get all the benefits of each, without any of the drawbacks. You won't get any of the sediment in the cup the press leaves you with, but still get the full immersion brewing. Also you don't have to worry about uneven water flow going through with the pour over.

You always want to pre-wet the filter when you're brewing in small batches because the filter will absorb a large amount of your water and throw off your water ratio. A lot of little things make big differences.

(The coffee is steeping now.)

Have you ever been stuck in a place with bad coffee?
Yeah. A lot of times I just won't drink it. If I'm really hard core, I'll just take a little hand grinder and get a cup of hot water from a gas station.

Have you ever gotten a headache for not getting any caffeine? I hate those.
Oh yeah. But I've also had headaches from too much coffee.

What's too much?
You'll laugh, but sometimes three cups. The variable is the strength. My parents are perfect examples. They're two pots a day people, but when they drink my coffee, they only have one cup. When the beans are fresh, they are so much richer.

How can people get fresh beans locally?
Everyone should certainly order their coffee directly from a local coffee roaster, which you can do right on their website.

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Good interview. Time to make another pot!


Tea, not coffee is the second most popular beverage in the world. And yes, water is the first.


According to Wikipedia, tea is the most popular beverage in the world after water.

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