Tiffany Derry Leaves Private Social

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Tiffany Derry is bolting. In an exclusive interview with Leslie Brenner at the Dallas Morning News, which gave the Top Chef contestant's restaurant four stars in a review published shortly after the restaurant opened, Derry announced her departure to pursue national television projects. Her last day at Private Social will be January 28.

Derry's 16-month tenure is five or so months shy of Tre Wilcox's, another cheftestant who went on to open a highbrow restaurant in the Dallas area. His last day at the Marquee Grill is January 25. Perhaps a Top Chef reunion is in the works?

Certainly Bravo's segment is turning out better TV than it is cuisine as far as Dallas restaurants go. I disagree with the Dallas Morning News review of Private Social, finding the prices commanded by the menu excessively high considering the ingredients, execution and service I experienced at the Uptown restaurant.

While Derry will remain at the restaurant till the end of the month to ease the transition, there is no news as of yet who will be taking over the kitchen at Private Social.

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Private Social

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Do these celebrity chefs stay anywhere?  They seem extremely unstable.


First Andy Austin leaves, now Tiffany. What's the world coming to? 

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