Thomas Avenue Beverage Company Has Closed

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The Thomas Avenue Beverage Company has served its last beer in Uptown. A series of signs on the doors indicates non-payment of rent followed by a note from owner Russell Hayward that the spot is now closed.

Hayward has dabbled in a variety of local restaurants, including Tom Tom and Lazare in the West Village. TABC offered cold beer and good food in a laid-back setting, including a recently popular sushi menu.

Hayward isn't done in Dallas though. He's now dabbling in the coffeehouse business. Not just any ol' coffee shop though. Hayward is the proud papa of that $20,000 Synesso Hydra Hybrid espresso machine at Ascension Coffee. The Observer staff has given a very solid effort in assessing its worthiness. And then some. Really? A $20,000 coffee machine?

It'll be interesting to see what pops up in the old TABC spot next...

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Thomas Avenue Beverage Company - CLOSED

2901 Thomas Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Music

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Good riddance.  That part of Uptown has become too crowded and too noisy.  Let the lot be cleared of the building etc. and leave it as a vacant lot with greenery.  That will improve uptown.


Place was great when it first opened, but has been a joke since it sold. I'll tell you this, the place needs to be bomed for cockroaches before anyone thinks of putting another restaurant in this spot.                            

#Killed By The NoddingDonkey


We're seeing a real boom-and-bust cycle with the Uptown area. I know for
bars, restaurants and nightlife areas; that's kind of how it goes. But
it's becoming a mess. These places open, they're "new" and packed and if
they weren't already meant for the douchebaggery, then they realize
they have to cater to it. It would behoove some of them to go a step or
two further and attempt to create a unique atmosphere or some decent
food. They all just end up closing, leaving the area devoid of any real,
normal places that can endure.


"Good food" is stretching it a bit.  Passable, at best.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

"I can't pay my rent but I sure do like my 20k espresso machine."

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