The Real Honest Coca-Cola Ad

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Coca-Cola has a long history of capturing our imaginations through advertising. Polar bears and the northern lights. Olympic athletes. A rosy-cheeked Santa holding a glass of the elixir.

However, recently Coca-Cola has stepped up to the scale and released their first anti-obesity ad.

Coca-Cola sits us down on the sofa and says, "Listen. We've noticed something. You're getting kind of pudgy. But, we still love you. In fact, of our 650 sodas, 180 of them are fine to drink. Just stay away from the other 470 because those are actually awful for you, unless you're running a marathon, in which case a real sugar kind from Mexico might be OK for a quick energy burst."

It's a move straight from any conference room playbook; the best offense is a defense.
Many have called their bluff, but one took to producing a new ad to make their point. Going by the name of John Pemberton, who was the Confederate Army colonel that invented Coca-Cola, this savvy budding ad producer did a voice-over on Coca-Cola's very own obesity commercial and called the result "The Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial."

The video is up top, but a few zingers at the end include:

"If you drink Coke, you'll get fatter and fatter.

The solution is simple and it's right in front of your eyes: don't drink Coke.

It's killing you and your family."

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TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

They sell cases of "Mexican Coke" at Home Depot for $20.

everlastingphelps topcommenter

Coca-cola released this?

More of that cracker jack Observer reporting.  Retraction in 3... 2... 


Coke is good for one thing; pouring on the car battery to kill corrosion   Otherwise have a good pop.....have a Dr. Pepper!  People that drink Coke are, uhmmmm, well, usually BIG?!  Same as people who covet donuts.


@kergo1spaceship I used to love Dr Pepper. Then two things happened.

First, a friend and fellow Dr Pepper addict went to the dentist for a cleaning. The guy was a typical brush twice a day brusher. The dentist looked in his mouth and told him that he drank too much Dr Pepper. My friend was blown away that the dentist knew what he drank. The dentist said that he could ALWAYS pick out Dr Pepper drinkers. Of course, that didnt change my mind. I just brushed right after drinking one if possible. The killer for me was when I girl I was dating told me that she hated Dr Pepper because it tasted like prune juice. It was like she burned that shit into my mind and my tongue because from that moment on, I couldnt drink one without tasting prune juice. It completely ruined my favorite soft drink. Luckily for me, I was still young and managed to dump that bitch before she told me what she thought beer tasted like.

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